Healing Your Ego

Your ego was born when you were born. And it will be with you your entire life. It’s the closest to you compared to any other aspect of your consciousness. It goes with you everywhere.

Your ego delivers information from the world to you. Then, if needed, it delivers your response back to the world.

Your job is to interpret the information the ego has given you. You make the choices and decisions, you think the thoughts and feel the feelings. You take the responsibility for your life.

At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to go. But for so many people, the pain of growing up forced us to retreat from our own lives. And thus the ego was forced to take responsibility. It had to take over and run the show – making the decisions, and so forth.


But it couldn’t handle the job. It’s not equipped to run our lives. And that’s how the problems with ego start.

You need a strong, healthy, positive ego. To do that, first you need to take back the power you’ve given it. And then follow specific technique to heal it.

I’ve recorded three audio files on healing your ego and returning it to its rightful place – as a servant who delivers information to you.

And the third is a complete visualization meditation that guides you to meet your ego face-to-face. You’ll be talking to it, and letting it talk to you. You’ll get to know it. And then you’ll watch in amazement as it begins to heal.

You get instant access to all three meditations after you place your order. This is NOT a physical product.

You can either download the mp3 files to your desktop (and onto a blank CD or mp3 player) or you may simply listen to them on the download page.

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