Depression Help Proven to Get Your Life Back from Depression – Emotional SOS

Why do you feel like this? It almost seems unfair. Even others around you who seem far worse off are happy and content, but you just feel so down and depressed.

emotional SOS will show you how to achieve contentment in your life by developing a strong "Sense of Self" (SOS).

The secret of contentment is to value and accept yourself. The book reveals a way of discovering this vital secret." Dr Dorothy Rowe, Internationally renowned psychologist and voted one of the 10 wisest people in the United Kingdom.

As is typical for most men, it was not easy for me to talk about how I felt and I was reluctant to seek help. When I did start looking for answers, drugs (antidepressants) were considered but I was concerned about the side effects. I would have periods when I was doing okay, and then all of a sudden the darkness would return. Some personal hardship, like not having a job, a relationship ending or struggling with different life pressures would push me into a black, black hole. And then, (some years ago), an amazing thing happened…

After not working for some time, just lying around – no drive, no energy, sleepless nights, sleep all day, and wondering what the point of it all was – the dark, black clouds lifted slightly and although I found myself drowning in a deep grey sadness – I got my old job back on a part time basis. Then I discovered something that would change my life forever!

I began to question why I felt the way I did, especially when others who were worse off seemed happier than me. So, I began learning as much as I could about depression – I consulted health professionals and fellow depression sufferers alike and began studying psychology at university. During this period, it occurred to me that many of my problems, including depression and anxiety, were related to a common source, and there might just be way to get my life back….

Over the next 15 years, I developed my ideas, simplified established concepts and most importantly, put them into practice. The results were astounding! I was finally getting back the life I once had. So I decided to write a book about how I did it. It is called "emotional SOS".

Today I am happy and content, feel alive and energetic and I am free to live life to fullest. I enjoy a fantastic life with my wife and two young children, have a busy career and am helping others. I have taken my life back from depression and want to help you get yours back too!

I recommend my book to you so that you can discover why you feel the way you do and the steps to take your life back. The first step to overcoming this problem, once it has been identified, is to understand it. I have condensed hundreds of hours of research into a simple to read and understand explanation. I hope that my…

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