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Dear Ronen, I have followed your messages for about one year. You have given me hope for my son Justin. Your writings are the high lights of my day. I struggle with trying to help my son see some hope to keep going on to live a normal life. These writings that help him are from you. I now see a picture of you and it makes my heart smile. You have truly been an ensperation to me and have giving me more hope than any doctor here in the USA. This is your path and thank you for all you have done. Please keep writing. A life saved is worth more than anything.Sincerly, patricia

Ronen David’s new book is a practical handbook for professionals in the mental illness field, who work with people suffering from psychosis.

The book is based on many years of personal experience and will aid both professionals and families of psychosis consumers. This is a non-pretentious, practical book, which was written and which is based on the extensive life experience of the author. The first part is practical and thoroughly describes the findings of the illness. The second part encourages hope of a new life after psychosis, rehabilitation and successful coping with a mental crisis. It describes the case in an extraordinary and exciting way, without stigmas and with the election of a good quality of life. The consumers and their families will find a source of support and aid while trying to deal with their problems and the daily pressures in their lives.

"…It is my 24 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I know for sure that the part about bad friends being disastrous is true. She has formed an alliance with a man and it has caused her to be hospitalized no less than three times. I am sure the content of your book would be helpful to her. I will introduce it to her, only I am not sure now is the time because she is still in denial."

"…This is a good begining and I can relate to it as my son is undergoing similar process of navigating his friendship and also acquire new is written in a very direct way which I feel will be appreciated by the readers… "

This teleseminar includes an mp3 recorded file and a PDF transcribed e-book of it and will be yours today—at no extra charge—if you order the Schizophrenia-Free package today!

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