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Let me give you a real quick introduction. My name is Jason C. Brown, I’m an internationally known kettlebell training expert and for the last 10-11 years I’ve specialized in helping BJJ, Judo players and MMA athletes just like you get the most out of their training and their bodies off and on the mat.

During this time I’ve coached around 97 professional and recreational BJJ players. What I’ve discovered from working with these athletes (probably people just like you) is that popular training and conditioning options they were using before working with me were NOT helping them be a better Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player or athlete…(and in many cases it was actually making them worse.)

Here are the four main categories that I found. One-Bodybuilding (a.k.a. All show-no-go): This type of training has nothing to do with performance. I’m sure you’ve trained with this type of guy, he looks great with his shirt off, makes sure he walks around your academy bare-chested 97% of the time but once the rolling starts, his face turns beet red and he’s done before the timer hits the 2 minute mark. Sound familiar? The problem is big muscles don’t automatically translate to big throws. Two- 1000 reps per day club: I’m sure you’ve seen this program. Just pick obscure Indian exercises and perform them for upwards of 1000 repetitions per day….or until your shoulders and knees give out due to repetitive stress and monotony. While this type of training will condition you to do lots of push ups, I’ve seen plenty of people who train this way have their BJJ careers cut short due to shoulder and knee pain from worn out joints. Three- All-muscle-all-the-time: This is a very close cousin, maybe even a brother to Bodybuilding method. At least in the bodybuilding method most people will actually perform some light cardio and throw in a quick stretch prior to getting on the treadmill. Not so with the All-muscle-all-the-time methodology. I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of training with guys that belong to this school. You can tell who they are simply because they kick you in the head while working on triangles and arm bars from the guard. No mobility training, no conditioning and no movement…just muscle. If you can defend for more than 30 seconds you’ll be fine. Four- “Just Roll Man”: BJJ alone is a great way to stay in shape but eventually you’ll need to add some additional training to support your body and make continual progress in BJJ. If all you do is more rolling, overuse injuries are sure to happen and you’ll be on the sideline or…

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