Counting My Blessings Amongst The Crow’s Feet

Every day I wake up a little bit older. As I advance into middle age I check the mirror just a little more and see the crow’s feet starting to form as I apply more cream and think if it is really going to work. Yes it’s my fortieth birthday and I am feeling a bit old.

As I make my way down the stairs I am a bit stiff and wonder if leg arthritis is starting to set it. Great I think to myself, this is the age where all the major things in life are going to be shutting down in my body. I’m not close to retiring but I sure am not twenty five any more.

I go through my usual day of getting the kids off to school and then drive down the road to work in a slight drizzle. Great, as I think to myself, a perfect addition to my mood; rain. As I get to my office I think what a great day it is to walk in the rain from my parking spot to the building and why I bothered even doing my hair.

As I get to the office there are some festive balloons in my office surrounded by the proverbial over the hill you are 40 giant balloons that I get to stare at all day. They mean well, but it sure doesn’t add to my mood of feeling over the hill. So I delve into the cake they got me at lunch and think to myself why not, I’ll take the calories I’m over the hill anyway.

By the afternoon I am in a basic state of depression and mourning my youth when I see my phone ID spark Lisa’s name as it rings. I pick it up knowing that she will be having fun teasing me since she is after all two years younger than me. But she is not her usual self and the teasing has a bit of sadness to it.

She tries not to cry but I want to know what is wrong as she tells me, ‘I’m so sorry to tell you this today, but I just found out I have breast cancer and I really need a friend right now.’ After hearing this devastating news I feel awful. Here I am in my pity party of one and my best friend just got the worst news of her life. As I console her and tell her it is going to be okay I am slapping myself for being such a selfish idiot.

How could I let my thoughts go so far in the negative? I am so blessed to have what I have and how could I dare complain. What is a little wrinkle when I have my health? So as I get home I rush into the house and hug my kids and my husband and realize just how blessed I truly am.

Get Rid of Your Acne Naturally with These Three Home Remedy Tips

Acne is a blight upon the teenage race. Teenagers aren’t the only people to suffer from acne though, as adults are susceptible to it as well. It is a constant battle for many people around the world and it causes hurtful inflammations anywhere on your body that is susceptible to clogged pores.

Regular skin care is essential to treating and preventing acne, but since the most common root cause is not necessarily oil or dirt, but genetics, acne can rear its head any time, anywhere, for any person. Despite the efforts of Hollywood to get rid of them and hide them, even movie stars with what appears to be perfect skin are oftentimes afflicted. Fortunately there are alternatives to spending a fortune on acne treatments. Just by applying some simple home remedies for acne, you can keep the skin on your face appearing smooth and clear for many years to come.

If you apply a raw papaya juice onto your pimples, it can help to shrink and eliminate them.By applying the whole fruit your skin including the pulp and seeds, you get the full effects and benefits that are contained in it.Apply the juice evenly and leave it on for 20-30 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.This will help to condition and exfoliate your skin to smooth it out and clear up unsightly blemishes.

Sandalwood power is another extremely powerful remedy for acne if you can get your hands on it. You need to either mix it up into a paste with lime juice or milk that has a high fat content. Apply the paste your face and let it stay on for a little bit and then wash it off. The Sandalwood is going to help soak up any of the extra oils that are on your skin and the milk will work to moisturize. Since sandalwood powder is pulverized sawdust that has already had the essential oils removed, it soaks up oil very well.

Drinking water is another really good slow acting remedy for acne. When you don’t intake enough water, and your body will start taking water from nonessential or less important areas and divert it to areas that are critical for survival. While your skin is certainly important, your heart, lungs, and stomach are a bit higher priority, so in the absence of enough water, it takes it from your skin until you replenish it. Drinking a lot of water can help you to avoid this completely.

You could use medicinal remedies as well, but what cost are you going to pay? Some of the medicinal treatments are even petroleum based, or they will use chemical solvents to help dry your skin out. For the most part only the medicinal products that come in a very high price are good for your skin, but you can really afford these? If you want to get rid of your acne naturally and responsibly, as well as inexpensively home remedies for acne are the way to go.

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What To Know About Cleansing Skin Care

You may know about all the different products that are available to help you clean your skin. There are some basic steps that you can follow in order to ensure that your skin remains as clean as it can be. It is not particularly hard to follow these steps, but there are ways of doing it wrong, which makes learning about cleansing skin care even more important. Doing something wrong can result in problem skin, but doing everything right can result in very good skin.

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How To Make Your Own Aromatherapy Skin Care Product

If you are brand new to [tag]aromatherapy[/tag], read something else. This article is going to assume that you know the basics not only of aromatherapy, but know which scents you prefer and which you don’t. You can learn all about aromatherapy and aromatherapy skin care products in library books and web sites.

With the increasing resurgence in aromatherapy, there is a great demand on cosmetic and organic companies to make aromatherapy skin care products. These are made with essential oils – the same essential oils you might have in your home for other uses of aromatherapy like massage or aromatherapy burners. It is very easy to find aromatherapy [tag]skin care[/tag] products in Europe; they are in every corner chemists’ shop. But finding aromatherapy skin care products in America is a little harder. You can cut out the search and make your own. Continue reading How To Make Your Own Aromatherapy Skin Care Product

Men’s Skin Care: Extra TLC

Men are commonly known to be less meticulous on everything, even on their personal hygiene. For some, just a plain bar of soap would do and a good shaving cream or razor is enough as long as it would make them clean. But let us admit it, at times it just works but most of the time, they don’t. That is why there is a real need for products that specializes in men’s skin care to give extra TLC on their face.

Right now, men have a wide range of choices as to how they would take care of their skin and today, popular skin care companies like Nivea, Avon, and the likes are also venturing out in men’s [tag]skincare[/tag]. Now, spas for men are also rampant especially in the big cities offering men not just massages and pedicures, but also treatments for men’s skin care.

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Natural skin care: Moving Away From The Artificial To The Natural

With an ever increasing numbers of consumers becoming more aware of the potential health risks that they may face when using skin care products that contain artificial and also other unnatural ingredients there is a pressing need to find an alternative and safer means to care for the skin, and what better way than to turn to natural skin care products. To preserve our health, it is necessary for us to abstain from eating foods and also to not consume beverages that are high in artificial preservatives, flavors, emulsifiers and other undesirable things. We should also take as much care with our [tag]skin care[/tag] and extend that extra care to using only[tag] natural[/tag] skin care products on our bodies. Continue reading Natural skin care: Moving Away From The Artificial To The Natural