Men’s Skin Care: Extra TLC

Men are commonly known to be less meticulous on everything, even on their personal hygiene. For some, just a plain bar of soap would do and a good shaving cream or razor is enough as long as it would make them clean. But let us admit it, at times it just works but most of the time, they don’t. That is why there is a real need for products that specializes in men’s skin care to give extra TLC on their face.

Right now, men have a wide range of choices as to how they would take care of their skin and today, popular skin care companies like Nivea, Avon, and the likes are also venturing out in men’s [tag]skincare[/tag]. Now, spas for men are also rampant especially in the big cities offering men not just massages and pedicures, but also treatments for men’s skin care.

Products To Look Out For

As you go down in the aisle of grocery stores and drugstores, there have been brands known to be specializing in women’s skin care like Avon who have also released their men’s skin care line. Avon’s men’s skin care includes products like Derek Jeter Driven Foaming Face Scrub, Derek Jeter Driven Oil Control Face Wash, shave gels, razor relief serums, moisturizer with SPF, and shadow minimizer, all under their Derek Jeter Driven line for men. All you have to do is just contact your known Avon dealer and she would sure give you all you need to know about their men’s skin care line.

Another brand that is sure to make us take a second look at the beauty products aisle on the grocery, retail stores, and drugstores is Nivea which have introduced their first men’s skin care during the 1930’s when they launched their first shaving cream for men. And since then, Nivea has expanded their men’s skin care line to products like conditioning facial wash, face scrub, eye relief, and different kinds of face care and after-shaves. You could just log in to their website to know more about their products and customize your own skin care that would best suit your skin.

For Extra, Extra Care

For those skin types that need extra care like skins that are prone to acne, Proactiv and Murad are the best answer for men’s skin care. They consist of ingredients that are tough on pimples or acne, but gentle on the skin making it suitable for men and women. It usually consists of specially formulated cleanser, toner, and repairing lotion or moisturizer to complete the whole system of taking care of the skin.

Truly, skin care has gone a long way and it has now reached not just women as their target market, but also men, urging them to take extra care of themselves.

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