How To Make Your Own Aromatherapy Skin Care Product

If you are brand new to [tag]aromatherapy[/tag], read something else. This article is going to assume that you know the basics not only of aromatherapy, but know which scents you prefer and which you don’t. You can learn all about aromatherapy and aromatherapy skin care products in library books and web sites.

With the increasing resurgence in aromatherapy, there is a great demand on cosmetic and organic companies to make aromatherapy skin care products. These are made with essential oils – the same essential oils you might have in your home for other uses of aromatherapy like massage or aromatherapy burners. It is very easy to find aromatherapy [tag]skin care[/tag] products in Europe; they are in every corner chemists’ shop. But finding aromatherapy skin care products in America is a little harder. You can cut out the search and make your own.

Become A Mad Aromatherapist Scientist

Well, you might seem mad to other people, but if you’ve had aromatherapy treatments for other minor ailments in the past, or even to set a particular mood in your home, you will know that essential oils are powerful and effective medicines. You will also know that these aromatherapy oils are to be respected. When trying out a new essential oil, always dilute it in a carrier oil and then do a test patch on a discrete spot on your arm. If nothing bad has happened to that test spot in 24 hours, your skin will accept that oil.

There are many unperfumed, basic hand lotions, cold creams and glycerin; these contain the base ingredients without any additives. For a skin lotion, you could put a few drops of the pure essential oil in with a handful of lotion and slather on.

You can also use the straight essential oil of extremely mild essential oils like lavender and tea tree directly on your skin with a clean fingertip or cotton ball as an aromatherapy skin care product. Lavender or tea tree can help disinfect burst pimples or minor cuts while also preventing the formation of any new acne.

Each person has a different tolerance for each essential oil. This writer does not like the smell of rosemary essential oil, but has used it in mixtures for cold compresses and aromatherapy skin care products for other people who love it. For some reason, rosemary just doesn’t agree with me. However, I can put marjoram essential oil straight onto my skin as a perfume with no bad side effects whatsoever. I do not recommend that to anyone else!


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