What Is Torched In 20? – Torched In 20 Fat Loss Program

Torched In 20 is a program designed for women who are either brand new to circuit training exercise or are just getting back into working out after a long break (a workout vacation as I like to call it).

But it’s much more than just that. Each workout is paired with a weekly meal plan, recipe list, and grocery list. Let’s face it, exercise is just 25% of the weight loss puzzle, you need a proven and doable nutrition plan too.

Just read our reviews and case studies from past clients to see what Torched In 20 will do for you. (They are at the bottom of this page!)

Your Dad or Mom didn’t just put you behind the wheel and tell you to get on the highway. If you were like me, you started slowly in a big parking lot until you got the basics down. Then you progressed to a quiet neighborhood, then busy streets and finally the highways.

Unfortunately when it comes to exercise and weight loss these days, most women are tossed on the freeway with nothing but a pat on the back and a good luck.

Just think about the last program you did. How far did you really get through before it just got too hard?

It’s what I call “True” Weight Loss. ”True” Weight Loss is sustained weight loss. No more losing 8 pounds of water weight only to gain 15 pounds back within the next week. No more struggling with oppressive diets, impossible workouts, and the constant reminder that you can’t keep up.

“True” Weight Loss is sustaining because you’ll progress from week 1 where you may have zero strength to week 6 where you’ll be down 10 to 15 pounds at least and you’ll be strong. (I’m talking doing pushups, squats, and not feeling winded at all.)

I want you to start these 6 weeks with everything you need to burn fat and lose your first 10 pounds at the very least. This is why I’ve put together a very special bonus package to help you accelerate (and guarantee) your results.

This is nothing like other programs on the Internet which only load you up with more (useless) workouts and flimsy nutrition guides.

It’s important to know the full value you’re getting in this program. These are not inflated valuations because I’ve charge them in the past and if you train with me live, it’s what you would pay today. But don’t worry because I have a very special surprise for you.

There is no catch. I want to earn your trust so you stick with me, get my other programs and join my training community, and most importantly, help me hit my mission in life…

I can’t do that without you or your trust. Torched In 20 is such a great deal because I want to prove you can trust me. And there is…

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