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It’s a problem that millions of men and women face, but it’s not one that’s often talked about – and for that reason, it’s nearly impossible to find the information needed to overcome it. I’m talking about large calf muscles. Whether you developed your large calves from genetics, weight gain, or even through a lifetime of physical activity, you’ll find slimming them down is nearly impossible!

You try to hide your calves under pants or long skirts, but that doesn’t solve the problem – only covers it. While others may have their theories as to why you don’t wear shorts in the summer, or tend to shield your legs behind something when you’re in your swimsuit, only you know the true embarrassment you feel from having large calves.

I can relate to your situation. I too have struggled with large calves. My name is Sara Marie James. Some of you may know me as the creator of but most of you don’t know that my background as a dancer resulted in strong, bulky calves that I spent most of my life hiding behind floor length dresses and long pants. I just couldn’t feel as feminine as I wanted to.

I spent years and hundreds of dollars on a solution to make my embarrassingly large calf muscles smaller even looking into options like smaller calves surgery, but…


Most fitness programs, while effective at burning fat and building muscle, tend to result in making your calf muscles wider and larger and surgery is just too expensive and too dangerous. For those of us who have a hard time looking at our calves in the mirror in the first place, this is completely unacceptable!

It’s because of this that I teamed up with a world-class nutritionist and fitness expert to uncover, once and for all, the…

Secrets To Smaller Calves is an informative, no-fluff approach to giving you the sexy, slimmer calves you’ve always wanted. This 53 page guide is divided into six chapters covering a broad spectrum of topics, from the most effective calf -toning workouts (that only take minutes a day), to massage techniques that actually slim your calves, and even including the mouthwatering meals that will supercharge your workouts and help you see results up to 5x faster than you would with traditional diets and much more!

I can’t answer that question – only you can. What I CAN tell you, is how much you WON’T have to pay for the calves you’ve always dreamed of…

…as if a completely risk-free way to make your calves skinnier wasn’t irresistible enough, I’m going to take this deal to the next level!

If you purchase Secrets To Smaller Calves today, I’ll include these amazing bonus guides that you’re sure to love!

I couldn’t help but to add this one to the list of bonuses I’m offering. Why? Because…

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