Get Rid of Your Acne Naturally with These Three Home Remedy Tips

Acne is a blight upon the teenage race. Teenagers aren’t the only people to suffer from acne though, as adults are susceptible to it as well. It is a constant battle for many people around the world and it causes hurtful inflammations anywhere on your body that is susceptible to clogged pores.

Regular skin care is essential to treating and preventing acne, but since the most common root cause is not necessarily oil or dirt, but genetics, acne can rear its head any time, anywhere, for any person. Despite the efforts of Hollywood to get rid of them and hide them, even movie stars with what appears to be perfect skin are oftentimes afflicted. Fortunately there are alternatives to spending a fortune on acne treatments. Just by applying some simple home remedies for acne, you can keep the skin on your face appearing smooth and clear for many years to come.

If you apply a raw papaya juice onto your pimples, it can help to shrink and eliminate them.By applying the whole fruit your skin including the pulp and seeds, you get the full effects and benefits that are contained in it.Apply the juice evenly and leave it on for 20-30 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.This will help to condition and exfoliate your skin to smooth it out and clear up unsightly blemishes.

Sandalwood power is another extremely powerful remedy for acne if you can get your hands on it. You need to either mix it up into a paste with lime juice or milk that has a high fat content. Apply the paste your face and let it stay on for a little bit and then wash it off. The Sandalwood is going to help soak up any of the extra oils that are on your skin and the milk will work to moisturize. Since sandalwood powder is pulverized sawdust that has already had the essential oils removed, it soaks up oil very well.

Drinking water is another really good slow acting remedy for acne. When you don’t intake enough water, and your body will start taking water from nonessential or less important areas and divert it to areas that are critical for survival. While your skin is certainly important, your heart, lungs, and stomach are a bit higher priority, so in the absence of enough water, it takes it from your skin until you replenish it. Drinking a lot of water can help you to avoid this completely.

You could use medicinal remedies as well, but what cost are you going to pay? Some of the medicinal treatments are even petroleum based, or they will use chemical solvents to help dry your skin out. For the most part only the medicinal products that come in a very high price are good for your skin, but you can really afford these? If you want to get rid of your acne naturally and responsibly, as well as inexpensively home remedies for acne are the way to go.

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