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Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a major disease even though it can be controlled thru the use of medication, insulin or healthy way of life decisions.  There are such a lot of different side effects to diabetes that diabetes care is critical to every diabetic person out there who has to live with this illness each day. 

Special Diabetes Care – to start with it is extremely important a person who is diabetic monitor their blood glucose levels on a regular basis.  This usually means several times throughout the day.  Usually the best times to monitor your levels are at meals and before bed time at night.  By keeping a correct account of your blood glucose levels, you’ll be in a position to chop down what works best for you and what does not and you will be able to keep your blood glucose levels at a healthy level. 

Normally the scale is 80 to 120.  If your levels are higher than this, relying on what type of diabetes you have, you might need to take insulin to lower your levels.  If your blood glucose level is below eighty, you will need to eat a carbohydrate and a protein to make sure that your levels will rise ( caused by the carbohydrate ) and stay there ( due to the protein ).  If you find that your blood glucose levels vary out of control, you might need to modify your diet or your medication or even your insulin scale.  This is why monitoring your blood glucose levels on a constant basis is intensely critical. 

As a diabetic, you may need to get a once a year eye examination.  Diabetic retinopathy is a significant condition that if not controlled can cause blindness.  Often a consequence of beyond control blood glucose levels, diabetic retinopathy is where little veins in the eye burst.  Inform the Ophthalmologist that you are a diabetic and they can keep correct records to refer to every year to see exactly how your eyes have changed. 

Circulation, especially in the extremities, is another major problem in diabetics.  Ensuring that you have good circulation to your legs and feet is highly important.  There are special diabetic shoes and socks that may help help you in this process.  Make sure that you keep a close watch on any sores that can develop on your feet.  Diabetics tend to heal slowly and these sores can end up in the amputation of toes, feet and even your leg. 

Kidney Problems are another side effect of diabetes and you actually need to keep a close eye on this as well .  Later in life you may require dialysis.  You can help to stop all these mentioned side-effects by keeping up your blood glucose levels within the stated range and by eating healthy and continuing with an exercising plan to the best of your abilities.   Visiting an endocrinologist on a regular basis is in your best interest.  They can help to guide you through this process to guarantee that you’ll lead a long, healthy life with as few side effects as possible.

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