Prevent Diabetes by understanding the Causes of Diabetes

It is no wonder that diabetes is one of the major health problems most people are suffering from and it is apparent that its effects, short-term or long-term they may be, are life changing. And to help prevent or avoid diabetes, it is better to understand the leading causes of diabetes that may be affecting you right now and you will be surprised to find out that it has something to do with how your body breaks down or process the food that you take in.

Understand Metabolism

To fully understand and know the causes of [tag]diabetes[/tag], it is important that you first get to know more about your body’s metabolism or how you break down food. It is because that the major cause of diabetes is the lack of insulin of your body or resistance to insulin, but sometimes it could be both. Several things happen in your body when food is digested and one of which is the glucose enters the bloodstream and once that occurs, the pancreas create insulin to transport the glucose or sugar to muscles, fats, and liver cells where it could be used as fuel.

Because their pancreas only makes little amount of insulin or their muscle, fat, or liver cells do not respond to it properly, people with diabetes have high blood sugar.

Know The Causes

Aside from the different causes of diabetes, there are also different types that correspond to the kind that people have but mostly, the common cause is the malfunction of the pancreas for insulin production or resistance of the other parts of the body to insulin. Other causes of diabetes may be due to family history that makes you vulnerable to the disease if you have family members or other relatives who have suffered with the disease. Also, mothers who have produced a large baby weighing more than nine kilos would more likely suffer from gestational diabetes on the next pregnancy.

Obesity, ethnicity especially Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics, African Americans, and Pacific Islanders, high blood pressure and levels of triglycerides, high blood cholesterol, not getting enough exercise, and sometimes, aging greater than forty-five are the leading causes of diabetes. Professionals and experts advice that for those people who are aged more than forty-five should have their regular screening for diabetes at least in every three years. For people who are very much vulnerable and may be at high risk for diabetes should also be wary and be screened more often.

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