Self Help For Depression

Don’t Let Your Tendency to Depression Beat You I’ll show You How to Use It To Guide You to a More Joyful Life

If you or a loved one have battled depression, you undoubtedly wish that you could find some "magic" remedy that keeps that pit of darkness far away, forever. I know I did. But suppose that wish were the very thing that is stopping you from achieving that dream, a dream that in reality lies within reach?

I’m not a professional ad writer and must admit to feeling a little uncomfortable writing in this style but I truly do believe that what I have to say could transform your life. So please bear with me. There really is something valuable for you here.

My name is Nancy Miller. I am a graduate of Coach University, have a masters degree, a background in psychology and a successful Life Coaching practice. But, more importantly I’ve been where are you are now. What’s that saying – "Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes"? Well, believe me I’ve walked in your shoes – at least on the days when I managed to get out of bed!

I’ve had periods where I thought I was ‘cured’, only to be disappointed and frustrated when the depression returned.

I’ve had years when I had no serious episodes and times when I’ve spent weeks on end unable to find a reason to get out of bed.

But now my struggle with depression is FINALLY over. I’ve broken the cycle and am living a wonderful life despite being vulnerable to depression.

I can’t say "I will never be depressed again" (although as each year passes this seems less and less likely).

Because I’ve created a personal strategy that uses my tendency to depression to improve rather than detract from my quality of life. I use my low moods to teach me how to take better care of myself or to alert me to things I need to handle differently or change.

Or you can offer these insights and techniques to a loved one and help them to enjoy their life again.

"I have someone close to me who suffers from depression and I found it hard to know how to help when the illness occurred. After reading your website I bought a copy of your self help guide and now I feel a huge relief. Now I understand how I can be part of her strategy in ending this illness and we are both very hopeful about the future.

My approach is explained in a new e-book called ‘7 Steps to a Depression Free Life – A Self-Help Guide’. It outlines the steps necessary to create your own unique strategy and so end your struggle with depression.

The 7 steps Coaching Programme derives from years of personal experience and research into long-term recovery from depression. But the aim is not for you to simply duplicate what I have done.

Although there are…

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