Joe’s Fat Book – The Weight Loss Game

JOE’S FAT BOOK IS FIRST AND FOREMOST . . . A GAME. (a weight loss game) It lasts 21 days.  You play against yourself. You have fun. You are free to eat anything you want (except things you can’t identify). You can drink. You don’t have to do vigorous exercise. You are in complete control and nobody is telling you what you have to do.

Now you’re probably thinking there has to be a gimmick. After all, you can scan the TV channels any hour of the day and find some kind of “secret formula” weight loss program that guarantees you’ll lose giant amounts of weight in record time.  THIS AIN’T IT.

With Joe’s fat book you can come pretty close to knowing how much you’re going to lose on the first day. The real beauty is . . . you can play the game any time you want and lose some ugly fat every time.

I needed to drop some pounds but did not want to weigh and measure food. I wanted to eat foods I liked, enjoy a beer, and not have some crazy exercise program to deal with. In addition . . .

I knew I could last 3 weeks. I also knew that if I blew it a few times the world wasn’t going to come to an end. After all, this was MY GAME and no one was looking over my shoulder. I did not have to make a big deal out of eating out with friends . . . ordering some special concoction from the kitchen.

The first time I played the game twice before I got tired of it . . . and lost 17 pounds. I did not win every day but I never suffered either. And . . . I really did not consider myself to be that much over weight. (Few of us do.)

You can play whenever you want as many times as you want. You can play then skip then play again. Every time you play, you lose blubber and gain confidence.

Why do people play games? They love to win. I think winning is in most folk’s DNA. Winning just makes most people feel good. And, after all, aren’t we supposed to feel good? You play the game,  you start losing weight and looking better at the same time . . . well, that’s a double dip of “feel good” . . . you’re winning!

How long did it take you to put on those pounds? Get real. Unless you want to go on a 21 day fast, you aren’t going to lose anything like 25 pounds. This isn’t a concentration camp. This is  . . . YOU. If it took you 5 or 10 years to pack on that excess blubber, it’s nuts to think it’s is going to fall off over night. Plus, do you really want a bunch of saggy skin hanging off your bones?

When you click to purchase, you will be given instructions for the instant download so you can get started…