Bipolar – What is it?

For a very clear and an easy to understand book that explains what Bipolar is and gives you practical steps to get your life back.

Do you feel that you may be suffering from Bipolar? Or perhaps know of someone close to you who could be or is a sufferer?

If yes, then this book will certainly serve you to improve your life or that of somebody very close to you.

‘Bipolar what is it?’ will help you stop wasting time searching through hundreds of web articles and medical jargon to try and understand what this illness is.

The positive impact this book can have on your life such as health, relationships, job stability is worth thousands of pounds.

There are many horror stories out there and although the illness can be deadly, this book shows there are many ways that you can manage the illness to enable you or your loved one to live a full and happy life.

I am not a medically trained professional and I have gathered all my knowledge and understanding through the harsh realities of caring for my wife who is a bipolar sufferer.

Through her determination, courage and persistence, my wife is managing to overpower the illness and is able to live a loving, happy and meaningful life.

Although a complete recovery is not possible, she is able deal with the highs and lows of this illness.

My wife and I have dedicated thousands of hours in learning about this illness and taking practical steps to improve our lives. By reading this 70 page e-book you will learn in a day what has painstakingly taken us years to learn and understand.

From what my wife and I have learned, I wish to help sufferers and carers by passing on my insights in this book on how to control this beast, which is Bipolar disorder.

If you know or suspect that you suffer from Bipolar disorder or know someone that does, then you will find this book will help you to understand what it is.

The book will empower you with many practical and easy steps you can take to help you manage the illness and improve the quality of the sufferer’s life.

These practical steps range from dealing with times when you find it hard to get out of bed, emergency checklists, budgeting, starting a family and lots more.

Hence, if you feel that you suffer from it then firstly accept that it is not your fault and there are ways you can get better!

I aim to arm you with my understanding of what this illness is and how to make practical changes to help you control it, rather than it control you.

This eBook also contains a fantastic bonus section from experts. The experts provide their Top Practical Tips on how you can make positive changes. These Top Tips also help you to re-enforce all the goodness that you have gained and benefited from this eBook!


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