How To Build Muscle Without Weights: Discover The Lost Secrets of Bodyweight Training

I started off as a skinny 148 pounder. I honestly felt helpless. As you can tell, I didn’t really have much to smile about 🙂

6 weeks after I started training, I was able to pack on 15 lbs of muscle (check out my right’s getting bigger as well as stronger!)

And finally after 5 months and 3 weeks, I gained a total of 39 lbs of muscle, with my end weight at a whooping 187 lbs! And now I’m going to show YOU how to do the same..

Bodyweight Training has been PROVEN to have greater muscle building capabilities than weightlifting (and they’ve been hiding this from you for a long, long time).

You CAN become as big, if not bigger than those meatheads you see in the gym by applying the correct bodyweight training protocols.

Stop wasting your time with burpees, planks, prisoner squats, dive-bomber pushups…those kinds of exercise will never build you any muscle.

Here’s The REAL TRUTH About How This Proven System Works, And How You Can Put It To Work For YOU.

You’re about to find out how YOU can pack on as much muscle as you want without lifting weights, without expensive gym memberships and without fancy miracle supplements or any of that “acai berry” crap.

You’re about to go deep into thee somewhat twisted world of bodybuilding and fitness. You are about to find out what happens when things go exactly opposite of what the whole world is expecting to happen.

Here’s The “Back Story” Behind One Of The Most Controversial Experiments In The History Of Muscle Building

Before we go further let me make it clear that I have a withered right arm with only one finger on it. You could probably see this from the above photos…and you’re probably wondering what’s the relevance of me telling this to you. But as you carefully read this story you’ll see how everything comes together.

I was born with the genetics of a typical skinny guy. My highest weight ever was about 148 lbs at a height of about 6ft. All I ever wanted was to be a “big guy”. In June 2008 I got tired of being skinny and decided to pack on some muscle. So I tried to take up weightlifting.

Every single gym I went to, people kept treating me like some kind of “cripple”. None of the instructors would let me train with proper weights. My right arm was kind of fragile and I guess they didn’t want to be held liable in case I got injured while training or something.

That sucked because I knew I could handle it, but these bozos wouldn’t give me a chance. So after spending countless hours doing nothing in the gym, I got pissed off. It got me thinking:

I mean, the ancient warriors and gladiators had built some amazing physiques long before weights were invented, right? So I…

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