Bootcamp Workout Ideas – Original Drills and Exercises for Outdoor Personal Trainers

Successful trainers distinguish themselves by delivering a memorable exercise experience to their clients every single time.

But after a while, it becomes a struggle to think up new ways to keep clients engaged, making progress, having fun and coming back time after time. You want to give your clients maximum value for money and maximum benefit from their workout. You also want them to achieve their fitness goals AND build a profitable business to support your family.

Fitness camps are the answer. They are popular, profitable and have low start-up costs and operating expenses. It’s no wonder that outdoor fitness groups are appearing all over town.

My name is Garry Robinson. I have been running my own, successful group outdoor fitness business since 2008 and during that time I have conducted literally thousands of boot camp sessions. I am very fortunate to be able to help hundreds of people enjoy a better quality of life. But it wasn’t always that way.

Being a qualified personal trainer simply did not prepare me for running group outdoor training sessions. That’s because professional personal training certifications and qualifications only focus on the skills needed to train individuals in a gym or health club environment. It requires a different set of knowledge and skills to create and manage group outdoor fitness classes.

I had to examine what my clients really needed to have fun and attain their goals. I also wanted a way to leverage my own time, attract new clients and make more money.

So I attended courses and fitness seminars. I read piles of books, watched hours of video and consulted with business mentors. I trained with military PTIs, professional sports team coaches and spent many, many hours with successful bootcamp business owners. Then, guess what happened?

I came to understand the most important factor required to succeed in this business. I learned there are specific elements that you must include in your outdoor workout routines to avoid the sessions becoming boring circuits – or worse, tragic school-day physical education sessions.

Simply throwing a bunch of random exercises together into a set of prescribed ‘formats’ or worse, using the same old circuits and drills with different exercises will eventually lead to clients becoming bored and dissatisfied – and that is not good for business. Here’s what I discovered.

The secret is turning your clients into raving fans by creating an exercise experience that is fun and rewarding.

Inside the eBook you will find the exact workouts that I use, my assistant trainers use and now countless other bootcamp instructors are using to serve happy customers and enjoy a fresh, profitable business.

You could spend the next year studying, attending seminars and learning from mentors or you can start putting these original bootcamp drills and outdoor circuits to work for you today.

When you deliver an unexpected, exciting new workout every time, your clients feel compelled to go out and tell everyone they know. They become walking billboards for…

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