The Celebrity Workout Book for Men

You can now learn how to get a body like Chris Hemsworth in Thor, Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Hugh Jackman in Wolverine, Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter, Christian Bale in The Dark Knight, Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables…

If you’re like most people, you want to learn the breakthrough workout secrets that celebrities, fitness models, and regular “ripped” guys alike have discovered to help them build heading-turning physiques. You know, the secrets that help them get in amazing shape – and stay there – seemingly without effort. Well, you’ve come to the right place! As a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, and nutrition expert I have spent the past 12 years learning and practicing the best, most effective techniques for getting a lean, sexy, and powerful body – the same techniques used by high paying clients and celebrities alike…

…I’ve used these same methods to transform my own body and now I’m sharing them in The Celebrity Workout Book for Men!

In fact, most people have no idea how to come close to working out and eating like those celebrities who sport lean, muscular bodies 24/7…


There is no one single secret training or diet strategy that celebs or famous athletes use that you’re missing out on.

Yep, you heard right, there are literally tons of different training strategies that will work for you – it just depends on your goals. All of the basic principles are the same, regardless of the type of body you want to build, but the workouts and eating strategies will be different.

And it’s a big part of what you’ve probably been missing in your fitness strategy. Maybe some of your buddies or those ripped dudes in the gym know this stuff, but they haven’t shared it with you…

You’ve probably found a lot of workout programs out there, and maybe some decent diet programs too. But like just about everything else, they were probably really, really generic. They weren’t based exactly on your goals or the body type you wanted to get.

It’s all about specific workouts and eating strategies based on your individual body type and goals.

It contains over 19 individualized 12 week workout programs complete with comprehensive diet strategies tailor made for your goals.

Grab the book and you can pick the body type that you want, specifically based on the physiques and workouts of major celebrities.

That’s right. The “celebrity workouts” that this book outlines are just that: the workouts used to get the body that you want based on almost two dozen of the most in-shape celebrities out there. You’ll get the muscular body that turns heads and gets you attention everywhere you go.

Forget about your pal with the decent abs or some ripped meat head you met at the beach. These workouts are designed using the tried-and-true tactics that the real “big dogs” use. I’m talking about the actors in Hollywood…

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