Foto – Maximum Afterburn 6 Week Shred The Fat Challenge

You are possibly discovering the advice, “eat less and workout more” is not working for you. Especially if you’re in your mid 30?s to mid 50?s. Let me ask you a few important questions.

I have developed a revolutionary new fat loss system called “The Metabolic Reset Solution, which was designed specifically to help men and women whose metabolism has slowed once they hit their 30?s.

Even if your hormones and metabolism are out of whack as a result of having children, menopause or life-long crash diets, I can help you.

The Metabolic Reset Solution is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to get you unstuck from your current weight and get you continuously losing fat again without hitting motivation killing plateaus.


It’s true, it’s possible to completely transform your body, no matter what shape you’re in now… and you can do it even if you’ve failed many times in the past.

Here’s the great news – with my Clean Eating Diet Plan, I’ve put together eating guidelines to help you get the body you always wanted WITHOUT ever starving yourself!

In fact, most of my clients complain that their so full that they can’t eat it all– and cheat meals are actually mandatory on this program!

From dealing with thousands of female clients, I’ve learned that many women are eating too few calories because they’re afraid that too many calories will lead to gaining fat.

But the thing is… if you start to deprive yourself of food, your body goes into “calorie-conservation” mode as a defense mechanism.

You see, dieting sends your brain a message that your body is running out of food. So your body holds onto stored fat for protection.

Bottom line is… diets actually cause your body to hold onto this stored fat… by burning fewer calories every day. Your body actually slow down its metabolism to conserve calories for future needs… which means NO fat loss.

Sure, you can keep it up for a few weeks… but sooner or later, the cravings start to come and they get stronger and stronger.

And believe it or not, these cravings are simply your body’s physiological response to a lack of calories. Your body craves what it doesn’t get enough of.

So believe me, you can’t keep up with a restrictive diet… you’ll drive yourself mad. Even worse… you’ll gain more than you had before you dieted and the weight gain comes faster than ever before!

The problem with diets is you lower your calories so much… it’s almost impossible to resist hunger.

Next, you find yourself eating pizza, chocolate pie with ice cream, and a whirlwind of other foods you vowed to avoid.

Later, you realize you’ve gained back all of the weight you’d lost… plus another 10 pounds! You become riddled with guilt, and begin to belittle yourself.

Guess what happens next?  That’s right, the same starvation…

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