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1. You’re a personal trainer or fitness enthusiast and you want to make some money off a book that *I’ve* written – 50% commission to be exact!

2. So you sign-up for FREE to become an affiliate of BenGreenfieldFitness (I give you complete instructions below) and you decide to feature the program "Ironman Triathlon Dominator" on your website.

3. To get a link for the book, you log-in to the special affiliate page that I create for you when you sign-up, and copy a custom link to the book, then paste it on your website.

4. That link allows all sales of the $97 program "Ironman Triathlon Dominator" to be tracked right back to you, and you make 50% commission on all sales!

5. You don’t do anything else. No order fulfillment, no customer e-mails – just money flowing into your bank account!

P.S. In addition to links for you to copy and paste, I’ve even got pictures of the book that you can use to increase your sales, as well as special banners and pre-written promotional e-mails you can send out.

In order for you to become an "affiliate" and let my fitness and nutrition products make money for you, all you need to do is copy and paste my ready-made, order-producing…

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