Garage Gym Empire –

Successful gym owner, Joe Hashey is ready to reveal the exact process on how to start a successful garage gym!

My name is Joe Hashey and I am the owner of Synergy Athletics. In the years of running a training facility I have went from training 2 clients in my garage to a new facility with a full schedule of over 40 clients….PART TIME!

I graduated from Colgate University in 2004, and have been addicted to strength training ever since. A father approached me about training his two sons and just like that the gym was created!

Soon they were telling their friends, I was making more contacts and the business started to DOMINATE the area…out of my garage! It got so busy I would have been losing money if I didn’t rent out a larger facility. I just took on my first intern and had to hire more trainers to meet the demands of the business success.


How exactly did I do this in such a short period of time while other gyms are failing? I used proper planning, creative lead generation tactics, and an organized business structure. ALL OF THIS and MORE comes in the Garage Gym Empire Program!

When it comes to starting and developing your own personal training / coaching business, Joe Hashey knows his stuff.  His guidance has been indispensable to me, whether it be setting up your own training facility or networking and promoting your location. It’s a great feeling to have your own gym, training the way YOU want to train, and not working for someone else any longer!  If you are considering starting your own garage gym, let Coach Hashey show you how to do it faster, more effectively and more economically.  His system works!

“Joe Hashey is without a doubt one of the top strength and conditioning coaches out there! Not only is the information that he puts out high quality, he is willing to answer every question asked his way. He also over delivers with his ability to help out fellow fitness pros with advice on website design, programming, marketing, etc. I had questions for Joe about these topics and he was able to give me advice that I could implement I MMEDIATLEY. I am very confident that I can contact Joe and know that he will give me solid, effective training and business advice that I know will work.”

How I Got My Facility For FREE. Learn the strategy on how I have a huge facility and DON’T PAY A DIME out of my pocket for it! This is worth the price of the ENTIRE PROGRAM. A $97 VALUE FREE!

Complete Facility Review Plan. Send me your gym layout and I will personally help you optimize your set up, equipment placement, and physical facility. It’s always wise to have multiple inputs when designing a facility! A $97 VALUE FREE!

The Garage Gym Empire Quick Start Online DVD. Ready to start NOW, but don’t…

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