A Big Fat Neighbor

If you have become disgusted with your weight and everything you have tried in the past has failed you, then you have come to the right place.

I come from a big family. I always ate big with my family too. We ate and we ate. We talked about food, we thought about food, food was always on our minds, when we were done on emeal we were talking about what we were going to eat for our next meal.

I knew I weighed too much in high school, l but I just couldn’t help myself. I was depressed. I didn’t like my looks. I used food for comfort. I felt really embarrassed when other kids told me I ate as much as Miss Piggy.

In college, I had a pre paid meal plan. I would go in the dining halls and really eat all I could eat. I felt guilty. I didn’t see other students eating as much as I could.


When I went out on dates, again I felt guilty. The guys would frown at me for having to spend so much money on my food.

When I went to parties, the other people got drunk. I was asked why I wasn’t drinking but just binge-eating all of the junk food. It was my high, it was my addiction.

When I went to the mall, I always went straight for the food court. I never missed any vending machines either.

After I got married, my husband would take me out for a fabulous dinner, but on the way home he would have to stop for me to pick up a few fast food items from places we passed along the way, I just couldn’t help myself.

I realized I couldn’t even walk into the kitchen without grabbing a piece of chocolate. I was a chocoholic.

After I had my 3 kids I ate whenever and whatever they ate.I felt so fat, my pants were too tight, i hated how i looked in the mirror, in photos.

I overate at every holiday meal and i would help my kids eat their holiday candy too, especially the chocolate. The more my family ate, the more I ate. Whenever we went to the movies, I had to eat alot of candy and snacks, popcorn, snow caps, milk duds, the biggest sodas they had , you name it I ate it.

I was never obese, but I was definitely overweight. ,  I couldn’t wear a bathing suit anymore for the disgust it brought to my own face I couldn’t possibly let others see me in one. I felt terrible to miss out on the fun at the pool or the beach.

You know… I even ate while I was grocery shopping. Really! I would snack on candy bars, and then have to have the cashier ring up the empty wrappers, I was so embarrassed yet it continually happened on a weekly basis, I had…

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