“The Advanced Hypnotic Weight Loss Course™” Richard Haggerty and Adrian Baker

Are you still wondering how some people can eat whatever they want and not put on any weight, while others seem to struggle trying to lose just ONE pound?

In fact, I feel almost guilty that my clients have been losing weight FAST while many women are experiencing dismal results.

So, to do my "good deed" for "weight loss hypnosis", I’m going to GIVE you FOURTEEN of my absolute best tips for slimming down.

You can experience *exactly* how I use a simple strategy to make yourself think and feel like a "slim person," dissove the old "negative expectations" and achieve better results than all my "competition"…

If You Have The Determination To Follow This World Famous Hypnotist’s Advanced Diet, Then You Can Lose 20, 40, 60, 80, EVEN 100 Pounds And Never Gain An Ounce Of It Back

Here’s an unsolicited testimonial For The Advanced Hypnotic Weight Loss Course™ reported by Welsh Press:

When You Order Right Now, you’ll get to download the full course, including all recordings, manual and 2 amazing bonuses —

Quantum Weight Loss™ – Soothing original music with clearly audible affirmations and featuring the voice of Master Hypnotist, Richard Haggerty. Professionally-recorded – with uniquely proven, powerful metaphors for change. The first and hypnotic only recording based on Ellen Langer’s ground-breaking work. Uses hypnosis and NLP to create a new inner map and beliefs to let your mind help you lose weight easily now. No exercising. No dieting needed.

Recording #2 – The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotic Recording – this recording simulates the benefits of a Gastric band. Till now, this cost $$$ and required invasive surgery. This retrains your mind to get ALL the amazing benefits of this proven approach – in the comfort of your own home.

Recording #3 – You Can Stop When You Full™ Recording – this is my revolutionary process that retrains you to notice when you are feeling full. It increases your sense of "satiety" (how full you feel). With this advanced hypnotic mp3, you’ll be able to leave food on your plate. You’ll feel full quicker – and literally find yourself over-eating less.

This incredible advanced hypnotherapy recording has never been released before – and will never be sold by itself. The cornerstone of my Personal Advanced Hypnosis Sessions teaches a client’s subconscious a simple little-known secret that allows you to lose weight as you eat. It’s easy-to-do, and this recording makes it automatic, so you don’t even have to think about it. This magical – near miraculous – recording is worth the price of the course alone. I’ve seen clients lose over 2 lbs a week consistently, just by using the one secret. Now in this powerful new hypnosis recording, you can have this proven technique at your fingertips.

I know for a fact, 100% NO question that these cutting-edge techniques are powerful and Advanced Hypnosis and NLP works. And when you add Hypnotic Processes to your DESIRE TO CHANGE, it’s like pouring a gallon of rocket fuel onto a lit match.

I understand…

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