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In “No Equipment, No Excuses, bodyweight training for the home, office or on the road” there are over 200 photo’s detailing exercises and drills to strengthen and mobilise every part of the body with nothing but your own body.

I’ve seen my share of late night TV and once or twice I was almost tempted to phone up with my credit card details to buy whatever wonder gizmo they were pedalling that was guaranteed to burn fat and have you looking like the models in the background (I repeat, ALMOST). There was always a theme to the adverts (infomercials?!). It folds away or has a compact design so it takes up very little space in the home, it will burn fat and tone muscle in zero minutes per day, and it’s all for 10 easy payments of X hundred dollars/pounds/euro’s, regardless of the machine. Well listen to this for a sales pitch(Read aloud in a really annoying, over excited American accent) :

“Welcome to the most Advanced and Versatile training tool since the dawn of time, it’s so efficient it even burns calories when you’re sat on the sofa watching TV. It takes up no extra space in you’re house and there’s no need for storage, it has no sharp edges so the kids can even use it. Maintenance is minimal, and on the rare occurrence of a problem, it usually fixes itself, given a few days rest. It’s also extremely portable so can be used anywhere, any time. And best of all, it’s completely free. Yes, that’s right people I said free. No I’m not crazy, I’m not giving away old stock, the truth is, you already have one. It’s your own body.” Too good to be true eh? Not really, and here’s why….