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Who Else Wants to Break Through Plateaus, Torch their Belly Fat and Build a Defined, Muscular Physique…by Skipping Breakfast?

The following is an eye-opening article revealing why breakfast is not the most important meal of the day and gives the latest secrets to transforming unwanted body fat into much-needed muscle…the easy way!

When I hit puberty, things got a bit better.  I lost some fat, but all that did was make my arms look tiny.  On top of this, I still had a flabby stomach.  I remember spending hours in my basement every night, sweating like a pig, dripping sweat on the floor then slipping on it, doing tons of crunches, sit ups, bicep curls, and all the abs and arm exercises you have probably done many times before.  The bottom line:  it didn’t work.  I was so overcome with frustration that I would lean against my closed door in my room and silently scream.

Worst of all was high school gym class.  Every day in the locker room, it was a nightmare getting changed into my gym clothes.  You probably know why: I had to see all the hockey players (the stereotypical Canadian high school jocks) with their six packs, big arms, and totally ripped, muscular physiques, while I sat there in the corner trying to hide my un-fit body.

Every night, I would stay up for hours surfing the net looking for the perfect workout program.  I’m sure that you’ve probably done this before, but there’s no way you had the following things going through your head like me.

I know what’s going through your head:  you don’t want to be considered “unfit”, you aren’t getting enough attention from the ladies, you think that your genetics will not allow you to get totally ripped and sexy, you don’t like taking your shirt off at the beach, you hate getting your picture taken, you’re afraid of seeing yourself as fat in the mirror, and you’re constantly nervous that someone will come up to you on the street and comment on how “unfit you look today”.  All of these feelings suck, but check this out:

“Recently, when surveyed, the number one thing that men regretted in their life was not having a body that they could be proud of, and felt that being unfit led them to have a life not fully lived.”

When I went to university, I finally discovered the solution.  I stood up against the old wisdom about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, and started skipping it.  This is also known as intermittent fasting.

I combined this method with lifting weights properly, and I actually started to notice my abs become more defined.  It’s weird, because I did absolutely zero cardio.

This was a good thing because it’s embarrassing to do long distance running to get in shape.  I live in the city, and running outside…