What are the causes of heart attacks?

Heart attack is the leading cause of death in America, among both men and women, and the causes of heart attack are well documented. Taking steps to prevent a heart attack does not start once coronary trouble is detected, it needs to start before causes of heart attack become obvious. Simple change is the way people approach exercise and diet can be some of the best prevention methods.

Understanding the causes of [tag]heart attack[/tag] should make prevention easy, but many times the things that cause a heart attack are habit forming and difficult to change. Smoking, for example, is now termed as an addiction and people attempting to quit often go through withdrawal symptoms similar to those trying to quit narcotic drugs. However, since smoking is a contributor to the causes of heart attack, many have been able to kick this habit to help live a healthier life. What people eat can also contribute to the causes of heart attack as processed foods, and those high in fat can cause a build up of cholesterol in the blood. Bad cholesterol can clog the arteries leading to the formation of blood clots that when freed often to flow to the heart causing a heart attack.

Stress And Exercise Contribute To Causes

For many people, high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart attack and it can be affected by personal stress. Whether from work or family conflict, stress can quickly elevate the blood pressure increasing the risk of heart attack. Beta blockers are often used to help control blood pressure, but even during their use stress will take over and lift it to dangerous levels.

Heavy exercise, beyond the normal activity level of an individual can be one of the causes of heart attack. Even those who have not been diagnosed with heart related problems can put themselves at risk of a heart attack by participating in activities to which they are not accustomed. During the winter months there are many who suffer a heart attack simply by shoveling snow. This is an activity they are not used to performing and an unexercised heart muscle can quickly give in.

However, one of the leading causes of heart attack may be the clot formation caused by a build up of plaque in the arteries that flow to the heart. If one of the main arteries to the heart becomes blocked by plaque, an instantaneous blockage of the vessel will essentially cause the heart to quit working. If treatment is not available immediately, there is a slim chance for survival.

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