Blood Test For predicting Heart Attacks

It is common for a person experiencing pains in the chest to fear that he or she is having a [tag]heart attack[/tag] though it must be said that not all chest pains emanate from the heart and the causes too are many. For instance, it could be nothing worse than an aching muscle, or even heartburn though it may even be a blood clot present in a person’s lungs. New Era In Detecting Heart Disease

Having a blood test for heart attack is one way to assess the situation and with a new era as far as detecting heart diseases dawning on us, this is a good manner to find out whether a person is at risk of heart attack or not. In fact, there have been recent reports that assure one that blood test for heart attack is a better means of predicting heart attacks and can be an effective tool in diagnosing whether there is imminent danger of a heart attack, and thus doctors would be in a better position to act and prevent the disease from occurring.

Mostly, it may be prudent to use blood test for heart attack in an emergency room situation so that it is possible to distinguish patients that are about to suffer heart attack and those who have chest pain as a result of other causes. In time, such a blood test for heart attack can even become normal practice in clinics as well so that it becomes possible to identify instances of patients at risk of having heart attack who may not even be aware that such is the case.

It is believed that such blood test for heart attack can help save many thousands of lives and given the fact that it is believed, there are as many as more than a million sufferers of heart attacks with a mortality rate of about forty-seven percent, the blood test for heart attack could prove an effective tool in battling such high mortality rates.

Also, it is normal for the testing done today in the form of EKG will in most instances not be able to shed any light on impending heart attacks, which makes it necessary to have proper testing done such as a blood test for heart attack to ensure that the disease is detected in time and thus can help save many lives.

A simple blood test for heart attack will usually measure the presence of myeloperoxidase (MPO) which is an enzyme that is produced in the white blood cells and it is also produced in case arteries become inflamed and which may also have fatty deposits that can easily cause ruptures. And, according to information available, those with higher levels of MPO are four times as likely to have cardiac arrest within a couple of months as against those with little or low MPO.

Thus, it is easy to conclude that with blood test for heart attack, doctors will be able to better understand the onset of heart attacks and also strokes and thus be in a better position to prevent and treat the disease.

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