Homemade Moisturizer – Make Your Own High-End Facial Moisturizer

If you’re like me, you’ve grown dog tired of wasting money month after month on facial moisturizer.  You’ve definitely found the right place because today I’m going to show you how to make your own personal homemade facial moisturizer.  I have no doubt that once you see how much money you’re on track to “donate” to the giant cosmetic corporations, you’ll easily decide it’s time to create your own moisturizer.

You’re going to create a homemade face moisturizer recipe that will outperform the fancy store brands.  Why will yours be superior?  Because nobody knows your face like you do.  Period.  Homemade moisturizer recipes can be customized to satisfy the specific needs of your face, unlike the brand name formulas designed for the masses.  Your skin doesn’t care about the name on the jar or how many units the manufacturer has sold.  Your face needs what’s best for it, not whats best for the average shopper strolling through the skin care isle.  Fortunately…
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You’ve got to be joking, how can you expect you get results in 3 days

Everywhere you look, there are products claiming to be the best acne treatments on the market. but when you examine the treatments they all work in the same way.

To put it simply, they do all have the following qualities:

  1. The top acne cures exfoliate
  2. The best acne cures gently cleanse the skin
  3. Top acne cures all moisturize the skin.

what sets them aside?

Lets look at this

The top acne cures exfoliate!

You need to examine the cause of acne before you look at exfoliation of the skin. If you skin pores become blocked , then the process of acne will start. The first signs you will see are skin blemishes. This is where a lot of people go wrron, as they don’t look at what caused the acne in the first place before they treat it.

Cleansing the skin is a routine that you will need to get into on a daily basis. Don’t use a harsh product that could damage skin. If the product is too harsh it will cause irritation of the skin and even more blemishes.

Before you rush into anything, make sure that you look into eerything you can find to help. It is well worth checking out a site like acne free in 3 days to look at this further.

Best Acne cures must gently cleanse the skin

It is wrong to think that to get rid of acne is to invest in the best acne cures on the market that actually use a very strong product base. This may wipe out the acne blemish in the first instance, but soon after, you are likely to break out in more spots very soon as a result of the so called best acne cures being very harsh.

Top acne cures all moisturize the skin

Just because your skin maybe oily, you will still need to moisturize your skin as much as having dry skin. Your ritual should always be to finish with a moisturizer. make sure that a thorough skin cleansing follows your daily routinf.

Finishing your daily routine with a good moisturizer will help keep the acne at bay. If you want to know more, you need to follow a good advice guide. To learn a lot more about treating acne, I would recommend that you take a look at a site dedicated to helping you get the results  you want. The best site that I have seen is Acne Free in 3 Days.

Men’s Skin Care: Extra TLC

Men are commonly known to be less meticulous on everything, even on their personal hygiene. For some, just a plain bar of soap would do and a good shaving cream or razor is enough as long as it would make them clean. But let us admit it, at times it just works but most of the time, they don’t. That is why there is a real need for products that specializes in men’s skin care to give extra TLC on their face.

Right now, men have a wide range of choices as to how they would take care of their skin and today, popular skin care companies like Nivea, Avon, and the likes are also venturing out in men’s [tag]skincare[/tag]. Now, spas for men are also rampant especially in the big cities offering men not just massages and pedicures, but also treatments for men’s skin care.

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