Spartan Body Program

Build muscle AND drop body fat at the same time – and why most personal trainers get this one wrong

Get that “GQ” look chicks “dig” – instead of the puffy hourglass figure of a bodybuilder

Stop sabotaging your progress by switching workouts – grab one that gets you results and run with it

The good news is… Anyone can look like this (or get a lean, muscular physique, like the guy featured next to this –>). In fact, it can take as little as 30 days – provided you’re somewhat in shape. Would you like the ladies to look at you the same way they look at Gerard Butler? Dominique West? Would you like other guys go green with envy looking at your rock hard muscles shrink-wrapped by your skin? You see, what makes the “300” look awesome is that it is all about agility and action. It’s function over form – because these are Spartan Warriors we’re talking about. That means once you get there… it won’t be just looks. You’ll feel great and perform at your peak capacity.


My name is Tom Ness, and I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times a week for years. The problem with me is that I’m unable to stick with a routine for longer than a month and a half. Maybe two, but that’s pushing it. As a result.. I’m reasonably fit, but I ain’t no Spartan. That’s why one fine Autumn day on my way to the gym…

Complete workout routine for 4 weeks (including sets, reps, cardio – everything!) Just print this out and take this with you to the gym – it’s a matter of doing simple exercises that everyone knows how to do!

The “carb rotation” diet plan that will NOT have you eating cucumbers and drinking water all day long

Why you should NOT skip breakfast – and what to do if you can’t eat a single bite of food in the morning

Most workouts are fairly complex – enough that you need to write down the routines or even bring the entire book with you to the gym so you don’t forget the exercises (or the order to do them in). Now you won’t have to do that… I’ve condensed all the workouts down into pocket-sized "Cheat Sheet" PDFs that you can download, print out and take with you to the gym.

I don’t want you to have to guess with any part of this program. So along with the complete Spartan Diet Plan, I’ve included an entire section devoted to meal plans for the program. These "Meal Plans" show you creative ways to combine foods to maximize your daily nutrition intake. There are meal combinations in here for everyone, along with healthy substitutions for each of the meals that you can "plug and chug" into your custom plan to ensure you get the proper nutrition during each stage of the program.

Did you know that in most…

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