Tabata Interval Training Music

If you are here, then you are probably well aware of the benefits of this incredible FOUR MINUTE WORKOUT:

TABATA INTERVALS send your Metabolic Rate through the roof, Giving your body no choice but to SCORCH FAT.

Most weight-loss programs cause a loss of muscle tissue. TABATA Training calls for QUICK MUSCLE RECOVERY, which orders toned muscle fibers from the body, rather than burning muscle as energy.

By increasing the amount of oxygen the body can consume during strenuous exercise, You increase your aerobic capability. The MORE OXYGEN the BETTER.


By increasing the amount of energy the body can produce w/out oxygen (when out of breath), High Intensity Performance in Enhanced… Go FASTER for LONGER.

In 1996, Japanese fitness researcher Dr. Izumi Tabata set up an experiment to compare the effectiveness of:

Studying two groups of professional speed skaters for 6 weeks, Tabata assigned one group to a workout consisting of 20 second bursts of maximum intensity exercise (w/10 seconds of recovery time), and another group to a standard 60 minute steady state aerobic workout. Tabata measured each athlete’s VO2Max (the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize)

“This rate of increase in V02max is one of the highest ever reported”, stated Dr. Tabata following the experiment.

Prior to Dr. Tabata’s Study, it was common practice to believe that fat loss was only achieved through low intensity 45-90 minute (aerobic) workouts, while short burst of high intensity (anaerobic) workouts were only useful for those looking to build speed…      WRONG.

“In general there were two types of exercises, low-intensity exercises for longer periods of time that improved endurance, and exercises such as sprints that improve your ability to sprint, but have no effect on aerobics or endurance. In contrast, the Tabata Protocol draws on the advantages of each”

Though Tabata’s experiment was not focused on fat-loss, the evidence that a workout could draw form both the aerobic and anaerobic systems sparked a whole new question:

Unlike the classic 45-90 minute slow-paced aerobic jog or bike, which boosts your metabolic rate for, well, 45-90 minutes…

…The intensity and multi-recovery tactics of the Tabata Interval, raise your metabolic rate for hours on end following the workout session, giving your body no choice but to churn any fat cells available.

Rather than focusing on  long easy  steady-state workouts of low-medium intensity which tends to give the “marathon look”…

Tabata Intervals focus on short bursts of high intensity, burning fat while retaining and toning muscles.  

Run Slow and Far   –   burn fat and muscle Run Short and Fast   –  burn fat while toning muscles

“It’s like having a personal trainer in my iPod! It really keeps me on track. And the music makes me want to dance!”

You may choose to do consecutive Tabata Intervals (a FOUR MINUTE Tabata immediately following another). Just set up your playlist to play consecutive Tabata Songs, or set your favorite song to repeat…

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