Skin Care Tycoon

Lifetime membership to the worlds most complete step by step course on how to create your own skin care products.

How to effectively get your skin care brand onto the shelves of retail outlets both nationally and internationally.

Having been interested in natural skin care ever since I was a little, I finally decided to create my own natural range of products, after finishing university. However, having spend many years in lecture halls and class rooms, I was not prepared to go back to school just yet. Needless to say I was beyond excited to find a natural skin care course that I could do online, and even better, in my own time. Nerida and Aaron have created an absolutely WONDERFUL site, which takes you through all aspects of creating your own natural skin care products, be it as a hobby or starting up your own brand- it is all there. I’ve found the Skin Care Tycoon course to be extremely comprehensive, however, being very easy to understand and such a delight to follow through, step by step. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to know the ins and outs of natural skin care. The video tutorials are awesome, and I love coming back to the modules for a "refresh" once in a while. Nerida & Aaron, you guys are tops! Thank you so much for sharing! Warm wishes, Lise Froyland

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