Metabolic Fasting Info CB – Metabolic Fasting

Metabolic Effect’s Metabolic Fasting program is an introduction into fasting and its potential benefits for fat loss.

Fasting has been a part of the human condition throughout our existence. Humans evolved in a feast or famine reality where the next meal was never assured. Our ancestors had to go long periods of time without food or very little food. Human physiology evolved under this reality.

Mimicking the fasted state of our ancestors can be beneficial not just for fat loss, but for our health as well.  But, it is not without risk.  For many, especially those who are overweight and “metabolically inflexible”, fasting induces so many negative feelings it becomes virtually impossible.  Like a heroin addict surrounded by free drugs and friends shooting up, overweight and obese people are almost powerless to stop the internal biochemical drives and environmental and societal cues to resist binging on the most sugary, salty and fatty foods they can find. Even more metabolically fit individuals can suffer from these issues.

The good news is there are many forms of fasting. The trick is to find the solution that is right for you. Nighttime fasting regimes, amino acids regimes, Ramadan style fasting and more “traditional water fasts” can all be beneficial.

This program walks you through the different types of fasting regimes so you can find one that fits your metabolic expression, psychological sensitivity, personal preferences and lifestyle situation.

To participate in this program, you will need access to Adobe Acrobat Reader, a multimedia player for videos, as well as iTunes or similar audio player for downloadable audio educational files. Videos will be streamed online, program documents are in PDF for and available for direct download and via email.

Once registered, you will receive a username and password to access the materials within 24 hours, and all the information in the online educational portal will be available immediately. This is NOT a physical product. It is a completely online digital program, so nothing will be delivered via mail.

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