Ultimate Gymless Workout: Sales

“Hey Coach, can you really build a strong, lean, athletic body with ONLY bodyweight calisthenics and WITHOUT a gym?”

As a matter of fact, bodyweight calisthenics should be the first physical training method you use AND should remain an integral part of ANY well thought out workout program.   You’ll soon see how the ability to move your own body weight around is the best performance improver, results in the athletic body most men and women want and greatly benefits health.  Just think about it for a second…

Over the years, the “Bodybuilding Culture” has trained exercisers to think in terms of MUSCLES, not MOVEMENT.  As a result, most exercisers think of specific exercises according to the muscles they work… not the actual movement they are performing.  This is a big mistake!

– You are either moving your own body around (squatting, pushing, pulling, twisting, jumping, etc.) or…


– You are moving weighted objects around (lifting, pushing, pulling, etc.) either with both limbs at a time, one limb at a time, or in an alternating fashion.

So, at least HALF of your physical ability is determined by moving your own body without additional resistance.  (Notice I said “moving”).  But unfortunately, most exercisers ignore bodyweight training all together.  They prefer being strapped into machines or using added resistance such as dumbbells or barbells.  (To set the record straight, I also like resistance training… just not at the expense of bodyweight training!)

Bodyweight calisthenics are a MUST for performance improvement, but here is the part most of you are interested in…

Bodyweight training RESULTS in a strong, lean, athletic body that performs well AND looks great! (Those are RESULTS worth working for… right?)

The “bodybuilding mentality” leads one to assume you need a GYM full of expensive equipment to get fit, burn fat and build muscle.  Well, it’s just not true.  You CAN greatly improve physical performance and build an attractive, athletic body… even if you are GYMLESS!

1) Bodyweight exercise and calisthenics can be done anywhere and at anytime, without expensive equipment or costly gym memberships.  You have unlimited access to the gym you were born with… and you don’t even have to drive anywhere!

2) Using the resistance of your own bodyweight packs on strong, lean muscles that give you a  powerful, athletic look… not a bulky cumbersome look.  You create a body that truly is as strong as it looks!

3)  Improving how your body moves boosts PERFORMANCE and prepares you for ALL the challenges of sport, work and life.  Bodyweight training creates the kind of fitness you can use EVERY DAY to live life to the fullest!

4) Bodyweight exercise reduces the common ailments of inactivity – like back pain, stiff shoulders and neck and poor posture.  You actually feel younger and with more energy!

5) Bodyweight training is the foundation of EVERY other type of physical exercise and should be mastered to get the most out of ANY training method you use.  Not only does  bodyweight exercise improve…

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