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TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm is a comprehensive and specific fitness program designed for firefighters, by firefighters.

Fire Captains Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher developed First Alarm to fill the void that exists in the fire service for a specific and comprehensive firefighter fitness program.  Christian and Ryan are both TACFIT Division Chiefs and have been training firefighters in TACFIT since 2005.

To design First Alarm, we began by analyzing common fire ground tasks and then selected exercises that mimic these tasks.  In other words, the skills that we perform are the basis for the exercise selection.  Not the other way around.

All too often we find ourselves training for another sport or skill set by adopting and adapting whatever workouts we can find.  Well, your search is over…


“I just picked up the full product!  Holy Moly; you guys really out did yourselves!  It’s GREAT!  Great content, wonderful organization, good production quality, and SOLID  from front to back.  Well Done!”  

The best TACFIT format and delivery system to date!  I never expected such high quality and such easy access delivery!

Just jumped in…looks great, professional, and high quality!  Can’t wait to really work this program!

I thought I was in fairly decent shape, that is until I tried TACFIT Fire Fighter!  I’m on it!  My new fitness program has begun.

I would like to speak candidly for a moment.  I want you to hear about the inspiration behind First Alarm from someone who knows, not someone writing a sales pitch.

I am a founding partner of TACFIT Fire Fighter, co-creator of First Alarm and I have been a firefighter for ten years.  Ryan and I set out to deliver a specific and comprehensive firefighter fitness program because you deserve it!  We spend so much time and energy training, preparing, and perfecting our craft, but we need to focus more on the health and wellness of the most valuable asset in the fire service, YOU!

Our goal is to raise awareness and address the single most important question in the fire service today:

Statistics show that the majority of firefighters dying in the line of duty are not being killed by flashover, backdraft, explosion, entrapment, building collapse or any other fire ground event.

We must utilize comprehensive physical training in combination with proper firefighter nutrition to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Each of us has control of how we move and what we eat. Let’s start making better choices today.

Most fitness programs do not meet the needs of firefighters because they were not designed to develop the wide array of physical attributes that firefighters must possess.

A comprehensive firefighter fitness program will develop strength, power, metabolic conditioning, dynamic body movement, and mobility while placing a high priority on recovery and injury prevention. Most conventional fitness programs fall short of these demands.

Body Building:  Body Building training protocols are designed to increase the size and strength of individual muscle groups. This training approach…

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