If you’re interested in getting your body super ripped FAST — without using steroids, needing good genetics or having to lift a single weight (or even leave your home!)… then here’s how some “elite” Russian military soldiers do it.

My name is Rich Bryda, best-selling fitness and strength author, with over a half dozen best sellers on Amazon and other online book stores. And recently, I wrote a book that is revolutionizing the entire fitness industry — and making mainstream personal trainers, body builders and “fitness leaders” SHAKE with anger!

Unlike what is popularly taught… the key to getting jacked is NOT lifting heavier weights or doing more reps.

And thousands of my readers are finding this out every day — as they add slabs of muscle onto their backs, arms, legs and chests. As they feel more energy than they ever did while busting their asses in the gym. And as they are getting way more attention from women when walking down the street due to looking tougher, stronger and more confident.


You see, I’ve spent over 2 decades studying and using the best ways to work out. The best ways to pack on pounds of muscle while melting away body fat. And the best ways to do it without spending half your life in the gym. And recently, I discovered a way of working out (based on a little-known discovery from Russia’s most dangerous Spetsnaz Special Forces soldiers) for ANY man (no matter how scrawny you are now) to…

This secret way of working out lets even a guy who weighs a buck 25 soaking wet get ripped in his arms, chest, back and legs… sometimes as much as DOUBLE the amount of weight you can lift within just weeks… and get into the best shape of your life faster than you ever thought possible.

The “Effortless Exercise For Men” system is based on pure science and the research and experimentation of some of the toughest “bad asses” this world has ever seen.

There are no long hours in an over-priced gym required. No over-training to worry about. And it’s so easy… you can do most or all of the exercises at home during TV commercials, if you want.

But I can assure you it’s real and it works. And to prove it, I’m making this absolutely painless for you to try by giving you a couple irresistible reasons to download my book TODAY.

If at any time during the next 60 days you aren’t absolutely convinced my method is the BEST solution you’ve ever seen for getting ripped… if your friends don’t beg you to tell them what your “secret” is… if women don’t suddenly start approaching you just to touch your chest and back and arms… then simply contact Clickbank and let them know.

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