The Ultimate Bodyweight Training Program – Bodyweight Blast X

The answer to the first question is that the majority of surfers are lean, well toned, strong, tan, and perhaps some of the most fit people around.

In order to surf you need to be fit, you need to have a well established base of both strength and endurance.   You need to have balance, agility, and fast twitch muscle efficiency to come close to being able to surf.  All of these attributes are built with bodyweight training.  Heck the same is true for gymnasts, acrobats, fighters, the military, an so on!

People who surf are not gym rats, they are outside getting in amazing shape with no gym or equipment and just their bodweight.

A few years ago I went to Mexico for a much needed vacation after I finished my undergraduate degree and before I was going into my graduate degree program.


While in Mexico I decided to try my hand at surfing.  Mind you I was not tackling big waves, just little baby roller waves (or at least they seemed that way prior to getting into the water).

I met my surf instructor right out on the beach across from my hotel.  The guy was in shape, six pack abs, well defined shoulders, arms, and so on.  Picture Brad Pitt in Fight Club and you have his body structure.

Off we went and quickly came a nice reality check.  I listened to instructions and thought to myself  ”I got this, I am in better shape that everyone else trying surfing for the first time.”  My first attempt failed miserably.

My second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh attempts ended with the same failing outcome (I know I am not alone here… or I pretend to think I am not).  On my eighth attempt I got up.

After I rode the wave in I needed to take a break.  I was sucking wind so hard, my arms were shaking, and I was gassed.

The surfing instructor came over to check on me.  I remember saying “how on earth do you stay so fit, you must spend hours in the gym.”  He laughed and said “dude I haven’t stepped foot in a gym ever.”  Taken aback I replied “uh what?”

You see prior to this little conversation I worked out at the gym consistently for years.  I knew for a fact that lifting weights, hitting the elliptical and so on was the premier way to get in shape.

Now this guy is standing right in front of me obviously in better shape that I was saying he has never gone to the gym.  He laughed again at my confusion and then he said “all I do is surf and do bodyweight training, that’s it man.”

My face quickly turned perplexed and I said “bodyweight training is for people who can’t hack it in the gym?”  His candid response followed with “dude your an idiot.”

After a little banter back and forth with each other he gave me a…

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