The Five Tibetan Rites: Chet Day’s Annotated Version of Peter Kelder’s Classic Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites

You see, my 40-page downloadable eBook Supercharge Your Energy with Five Secret Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites reveals easy-to-do exercises that will give you more energy and help you feel better than you’ve felt in years.

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Personally I’ve been doing them for two years and they’re dynamic. It’s so true that we can get back the metabolism we had at twenty-five. After just a few weeks of doing them [and nothing else different] my weight returned to what it had been when I was that age [over twenty years ago!].

I have recommended these miraculous exercises to many people. One of my friends phoned me after just two weeks, absolutely thrilled:

Another friend regularly says "I just can’t thank you enough for recommending those wonderful exercises." She says she’s never missed a day and the extra energy she has is incredible.

I only meant this to be a short note. But one cannot help getting carried away, because they’re that good.

Originally written over seventy years ago by a man named Peter Kelder and entitled The Eye of Revelation, my 21st century version of the Five Rites contains

This downloadable eVersion of Kelder’s manuscript contains not only the original drawings but also the unedited and unexpurgated story of British Colonel Bradford, the man who searched for and found the long-hidden Tibetan monastery that housed the ageless monks who taught him the secret rejuvenation rites in the 1920’s.

The Five Rites produce remarkable mental and physical rejuvenation within a month. So much so, in fact, that one gains new hope and enthusiasm with which to carry on. However, the greatest results come after the tenth week. When you stop to consider that the average man has endured his afflictions from 30 to 50 years, to obtain such amazing results in such a short time as ten weeks sounds almost miraculous.

Most Important: The information given in The Eye of Revelation was, for twenty-five centuries, confined strictly to men. Now, to the surprise and delight of all concerned, it has been found that women, too, get equally beneficial and amazing results. Now, after this long period of waiting every adult, man or woman, can go on to grand and glorious things, regardless of age, environment or circumstances.

Get started at once on the marvelous work of Rejuvenation, Transmutation, and Youthification. May success, health, energy, power, vigor, virility, and Life follow your footsteps forever.

Believe me , you’ll have a wonderful time just reading the fantastical story that composes this natural health classic, even if you never do the five exercises.

But that would be several kinds of dumb because adding these simple movements to your health routine will give you a suppleness and energy boost that you’ll find most remarkable.

I started the Tibetan exercises 9 days ago. The first burst of energy came on the 4th day and…