RMAX Primal Stress

Working in film and TV production comes with a unique set of challenges – punishingly long hours, often unpredictable conditions, and a lot of heavy lifting, both physical and mental – it’s the worst and best job in the world. Nearly 20 years in the business had taken it’s toll on my body – chronic pain from recurring injuries, adrenal exhaustion, and a host of other miseries – and I was sadly considering another way of life, which felt like the end of the world to me.

Then I found Scott Sonnon. Using principles I learned through his programs Intu-Flow, Prasara and TACFIT, now crystallized in his groundbreaking book Primal Stress, I’ve been able to regain the inner and outer strength and resilience I need, in order to keep doing the job that I love. I truly can’t thank Scott enough, and I can’t think of any better way of paying my gratitude forward than to recommend his book to everyone I can, so that they may reap the life-changing benefits that I have."
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The Best Way to Quit Smoking is without Medicine

You never know when dire adversity chances upon anyone, but we do know that people routinely show surprising reserves of mental strength when involved in serious accidents, disasters, and grave measures of misfortune. The human spirit is nearly indomitable, and everyone can adapt to circumstances which develop inexorably. Using these qualities of resolve and resilience is the best way to [tag]quit smoking[/tag]. Continue reading The Best Way to Quit Smoking is without Medicine