The Ultimate Guard Passing System

Try us out for 7 days for just $5. If it’s not the best guard passing DVD you’ve ever seen let us know and you won’t be billed another dime. If, like most, you agree that this product is worth every penny you’ll be charged the remaining single payment of $142 after the 7 day trial.

Hi. My name is Jordon Schultz. I’m not a black belt. But what I have to share with you is so powerful, I decided to film it and share it with the world.
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Super Hero Fat Loss –

If you’ve ever seen a movie star go from chubby chubby or even fat… to freaky-ripped and muscular, and wondered “how did he do that?” Then the information on this page is for you.

You’ll discover exactly how YOU can use the same cutting-edge fat-busting techniques previously reserved for Hollywood’s “elite”… and how it’s possible to get the body of your dreams, WITHOUT using ANY drugs, crash dieting or starving on “rabbit food”…
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