Reasons to Drink Distilled H2O

I do this because I need to take lots of pills daily

I know, water, water everywhere, however what kind of water meets my special needs? My choice is to drink water that has been distilled. Why you ask?

I take a lot pills every day. A lot means over 40 capsules and pills each day. Obviously, that is a large number. I must take all of these pills without throwing them up.

I developed osteoporosis and have had to get down natural calcium bone supplements every day

Because of the side effects of some drugs I have been required to use, side-effects have occurred. I have to take more pills that counteract these prior medical problems. One situation is that I have osteoporosis and have been required to swallow natural calcium tablets each day. The cause was all of the Prednisone, because of pretty severe Crohns disease. As a result, I am required to get down two additional calcium osteoporosis pills to counter this bone calcium problem. This is one reason why I have to get down so many more pills than most people. As I swallow these pills, I cannot help but notice taste of the various chemicals in our tap water.

I’m not sure why, but my town gets water with a high chlorine level. I can taste it easily. The water company sends quality notices that indicate the district’s water gets supplemented with many chemicals. I’m pretty shocked by this.

I expect that some chemicals would be there, because the water flows over rocks. But, I worry a lot about the additives. The water district serves so many people, and they must ensure that the local water supply is will not make us sick. Pay attention to the water quality reports that come with your water bill, since they can be very informative. Sometimes I would rather not know, yet understanding these water additives is important.

With water that has been distilled, I can take all my drugs and supplements

One time a friend stopped by to see me and we had a conversation about water purity. He is on the road quite a bit, and he told me that he travels with distilled and purified water. Why, I asked? He told me that it is the water knows he won’t get sick on. Plus, anyone can purchase distilled, purified water in any grocery store.

I thought that was interesting. Before, my only uses for distilled water for baby wipes that had dried out. After this conversation, my Crohns has gotten somewhat worse. Due to my health, I now have to take quite a few more pills. Besides my medicine for Crohns, I also must get down supplements and vitamins, including multivitamins and extra vitamin C along with a calcium pyruvate powder supplement because of dietary deficiencies.

Because of Crohn’s Disease, I’m very affected by odors that make me throw up. As a result, I’ve decided to use only distilled water, because I must always swallow all my drugs and supplements daily.

Types Of Pain And Some Types Of Treatment

What options are there when pain strikes.

This depends on how severe the pain is, and where in the body the pain is occurring. If the pain is simply a minor headache, toothache or a fairly minor pain we all get, then an plain analgesic will normally be enough. in the case of toothache pain killers containing Ibuprofen is the correct choice, toothache is often accompanied by inflammation in the troubled area, Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory medication and therefore helps to decrease the inflammation.  If pain continues then you should get medical advice, because the pain could be the result of a more chronic medical problem. Pain is your body letting you know that something is amiss, do not ignore this message if pain persists.

There are two types of pain, acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is usually a short term pain that recedes without treatment, has no serious medical problems associated with it and usually needs only a over the counter pain medication. Chronic pain is much more serious, chronic pain usually persists and is likely to be associated with an underlying condition or injury. It can often begin from something as simple as a sprain or an infection that eventually becomes more serious, or it can be caused by a developing disease. Chronic pain can persist for many months, or even years. As well as a requirement to treat the main cause, pain killers stronger than normal pain killers is usually required.  Among the most prescribed medications include tramadol, ultram and ultracet, tramadol being the most common prescribed. These pain medications are not scheduled as controlled substances, it is therefore possible to buy Tramadol online at Tramadol sale prices. In a lot of cases pain relief medication is prescribed with other treatments to treat the underlying problem.

Probably the most common type of pain we experience is a headache. Headaches may well disappear without needing any treatment, over the counter pain relief medication will usually be enough to lessen the pain. Migraine is a much more severe type of a headache and can be caused by various underlying conditions. A migraine may be accompanied by several other conditions, such as changing moods, sensitivity to light, one sided headache and nausea. A migraine may only last for a few hours, but can continue for a few days. Anyone experiencing a migraine should get medical attention.

For pain associated with joints and muscles, physiotherapy is frequently used as a treatment, and in many cases can result in complete removal of the underlying problem. Electrical stimulation is a technique sometimes used, sometimes as a last resort. Electrical stimulation interrupts pain signals in the spinal cord. Acupuncture may also be used to reduce pain, fine needles are place at key points on the skin, the needles disturb the flow of spasms through the body. Fine needles may be placed in regions far removed from the source of the pain.

The main thing to consider, is that if pain becomes serious or unbearable, especially if it persists, seek medical advice without delay, it could be down to a more serious problem.

Disclaimer: This posting is based upon information freely available in the popular press and medical journals related to the relief of pain. Nothing in this posting is intended to be or should be construed to be any sort of medical advice. For medical advice the reader should consult with his or her own physician or a medical specialist.