Exercise4everybody – vegan fitness – fitness for vegans – vegan lifestyle – going vegan

An incredibly effective and easy to follow workout program designed by vegan fitness professional Barry Lovelace.

Unfortunately there are many people out there who associate living a vegan lifestyle with being weak, sickly and lethargic. It’s just not true and Barry will help you prove it! Vegans are indeed capable of being strong, building nice, lean muscle and having unlimited energy.
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Advantages Of A Low Cholesterol Diet Menu

Unless you are able to reduce high cholestrol levels you will always be prone to suffering from heart disease. Cholesterol levels can rise on account of a number of factors with consumption of saturated fats being a major reason and in addition eating too much of fatty foods over prolonged periods of time, smoking, not exercising enough and drinking alcohol also all contribute to the problem of high cholesterol.

Low cholesterol diet menu for healthy lifestyle

It behooves anyone that suffers from high cholesterol to consider planning a low cholesterol diet menu that can be used in conjunction with a healthier lifestyle to help bring down cholesterol levels to more manageable levels. A low cholesterol diet menu will also help to lower the risk of developing heart diseases and so if you have a cholesterol problem this is one solution that you must seriously consider using.

A low cholesterol diet menu should be prepared after being sure of the foods that contribute to cholesterol problems and foods that help in decreasing the condition. At the very least a low cholesterol diet menu must ensure that you minimize intake of all saturated fats and in addition you should reduce calorie intake and of course you should also shed any excess fat from your body. Both fruits and vegetables should be part of low cholesterol diet menu.

Other than fruits as well as vegetables your low cholesterol diet menu should include foods that contain plenty of fiber which help in soaking up the cholesterol and which also help to eliminate the cholesterol from the body. Apples and oranges and pears are known to have plenty of fiber and the same is the case with eating oats and also carrots and these are ideal for your low cholesterol diet menu.

One should also include omega-3 fats and exclude omega-6 from his low cholesterol diet menu. In order to get sufficient omega-3 fats you need to eat plenty of salmon and tuna that is canned in water and what’s more, it also pays to eat flaxseed and cod and also soybeans and even walnuts.

A cholestrol test is essential if you wish to know your cholesterol levels. Such a test should be undertaken at least once in five years and it is very useful in helping to identify the levels of good cholesterol, bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

How to live a life of Health and Fitness

With cancer cropping up left and right, people are suddenly becoming more conscious with what they eat and do with their bodies. Fad diets have become a craze and so are gym workouts and alternative exercise for the body. But despite being the in thing to do right now, some people still find it hard to start walking the road to a life of health and fitness. After all, when you have already lived a life of debauchery, it will be harder to convert and walk the other road even if it is not as less traveled by.

To help you, here are some of the ways that you can start with your healthy lifestyle.

1. Don’t smoke If you do not have the habit of smoking, good for you. Don’t try to start as you will only get addicted with the cigarettes and it will be harder to quit when that happens. It is not true that you can smoke and quite when you want to. It’s not. Once you become hooked into it, there is no turning back. If you are already part of those people who burn their lungs out everyday, the best bet is to make a commitment to quit. By doing this, you are already halfway to recovery. Make sure though that you are serious with your plans and you are not just doing it for any other reason than your health.

2. Lessen the junk One of the ways you can help keep your body healthy is to eat foods that are more natural and with less chemical content. Avoid eating junk foods like those huge packs of potato chips or binge on candies. You should also make it a point to lessen your intake of meats and consume more vegetables, fruits and seafood. This does not mean that you will forgo with meat altogether. You should still eat meat. The protein that it contains is important for some of the basic processes of the body.

3. Skip the Soda and even the iced tea As much as you can, drink water. This is the safest and healthiest drink there is. Sodas even the diet ones, are carbonated and contain high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates which can later be translated into fats. You can also try drinking green tea which can help in the digestive system. Iced tea may be tamer than sodas but these drinks also contain a lot of sugar which can pile up in the body. Stick to water and drink lots of it.

4. Stay active Another way to start living a life of health and fitness without having to shell out money and make lots of effort is to schedule an exercise routine every day. You can schedule it every morning when you wake up in the morning or do it at night after work. Whichever schedule you want to, make sure that you keep it to 30 minutes long to an hour. That way, you can exercise those muscles and avoid muscle pains. Exercise will also strengthen your bones and your body, promote better breathing and cellular activity, clear the brain and of course keep those extra calories out of the body. Thus, even if you eat a lot, you are not storing those fats and carbohydrates. You are expending them through your workout routine.