Bodyweight Overload:

I’m Joe and at 36 I’ve been training on and off for 18 years. Until a couple of months ago I used to push iron in the gym but I found it boring and repetitive, hence the on and off part of training. I was looking for an alternative and discovered body weight training. I contacted Todd about testing this program and was lucky enough to be accepted.

2 weeks into BodyWeight Overload I cancelled my gym membership. There was no need to pay expensive fees when I had everything I needed already – my own body. Who knew Todd’s way of doing push ups would give me quicker and better results than dumb bells?
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The Weight Loss Benefits of High-Fiber Diet

Switching to a healthy diet in order to lose weight is really not that difficult. Even without the help of a nutritionist, you can create your own diet plan. The key is in knowing that certain bodily processes can actually be supported with the right foods to allow for weight loss. We this knowledge, you will be able to make wise food choices.

A high-fiber diet is the probably the best diet that promotes both natural weight loss and good health. In fact, the National Institutes of Health and the Surgeon General recommend eating 35 grams of fiber a day. Sadly, the average American only consumes a measly 10-12 grams daily. This is most likely the reason why diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity afflict millions of people in the country today.

Fiber are the indigestible parts of plants. There are two types—soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Both types supply roughage or bulk which expand in the stomach creating a feeling of fullness. Soluble fiber however, is especially beneficial for people who want to lose weight. According to health writer Brenda Watson, CNC fiber suppresses the appetite through the hormones.

High-fiber foods also contain very little calories. Because fiber is indigestible, the body is not able to absorb it as it passes through digestive tract. Moreover, being low in calories, eating a lot of it would not significantly increase your caloric intake.

Another great thing about fibrous foods is that they have been found to eliminate unwanted calories in the stool. This was discovered in studies conducted by researchers at the Department of Human Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Kiel in Germany. In her book, Watson calls this the “fiber flush” effect. What this means is that if you take in 35 grams of fiber a day, you can get rid of as much as 245 calories everyday which will help you achieve a flatter stomach in due time.

Finally, fiber supports the natural bodily process whereby carbohydrates are converted into available blood sugar in effect promoting healthy blood chemistry. At the same time fiber slows down the processing of carbohydrates creating a feeling of fullness for a long period of time thereby eliminating the desire to snack in between meals.

Fiber is one of nature’s great nutritional gifts to the mankind. It promotes good digestive and cardiovascular health and weight loss. If you want to look and feel good, go for a high-fiber diet.

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