Sexy Butt

I started going through stacks of the initial fitness assessments from female clients I’ve trained, since 1992 – when I first started my personal training company…

While doing this, I uncovered something so insightful – so powerful – that I had to share it with you because it reveals the precise solution for the typical woman who is unhappy and depressed with the condition of her entire butt area. In the questionnaires I couldn’t help but notice how many women were listing some kind of desired improvement with their butt… It was something I never quite picked up during my full-time training days – I guess I was ‘too close to see it’… But even more surprising was this…
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Self Help For Depression

Don’t Let Your Tendency to Depression Beat You I’ll show You How to Use It To Guide You to a More Joyful Life

If you or a loved one have battled depression, you undoubtedly wish that you could find some "magic" remedy that keeps that pit of darkness far away, forever. I know I did. But suppose that wish were the very thing that is stopping you from achieving that dream, a dream that in reality lies within reach?
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A Big Fat Neighbor

If you have become disgusted with your weight and everything you have tried in the past has failed you, then you have come to the right place.

I come from a big family. I always ate big with my family too. We ate and we ate. We talked about food, we thought about food, food was always on our minds, when we were done on emeal we were talking about what we were going to eat for our next meal.
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