Extreme Weight Loss Secrets

After I quit smoking, I gained an extra 20 pounds. While I knew that quitting smoking was good for me, I also knew that extra weight was not. Not only that, but my clothes did not fit and I felt pretty bad about myself. The pride I had in quitting smoking seemed to vanish.

I had taken off weight before, after I had my two kids. But I was in my 20s then and now I was in my 40s. It was a little more difficult. Even though I didn’t smoke throughout my 20s and 30s, I still was able to maintain my weight (I took the habit back up again in my late 30s for a couple of years).
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Advantages Of A Low Cholesterol Diet Menu

Unless you are able to reduce high cholestrol levels you will always be prone to suffering from heart disease. Cholesterol levels can rise on account of a number of factors with consumption of saturated fats being a major reason and in addition eating too much of fatty foods over prolonged periods of time, smoking, not exercising enough and drinking alcohol also all contribute to the problem of high cholesterol.

Low cholesterol diet menu for healthy lifestyle

It behooves anyone that suffers from high cholesterol to consider planning a low cholesterol diet menu that can be used in conjunction with a healthier lifestyle to help bring down cholesterol levels to more manageable levels. A low cholesterol diet menu will also help to lower the risk of developing heart diseases and so if you have a cholesterol problem this is one solution that you must seriously consider using.

A low cholesterol diet menu should be prepared after being sure of the foods that contribute to cholesterol problems and foods that help in decreasing the condition. At the very least a low cholesterol diet menu must ensure that you minimize intake of all saturated fats and in addition you should reduce calorie intake and of course you should also shed any excess fat from your body. Both fruits and vegetables should be part of low cholesterol diet menu.

Other than fruits as well as vegetables your low cholesterol diet menu should include foods that contain plenty of fiber which help in soaking up the cholesterol and which also help to eliminate the cholesterol from the body. Apples and oranges and pears are known to have plenty of fiber and the same is the case with eating oats and also carrots and these are ideal for your low cholesterol diet menu.

One should also include omega-3 fats and exclude omega-6 from his low cholesterol diet menu. In order to get sufficient omega-3 fats you need to eat plenty of salmon and tuna that is canned in water and what’s more, it also pays to eat flaxseed and cod and also soybeans and even walnuts.

A cholestrol test is essential if you wish to know your cholesterol levels. Such a test should be undertaken at least once in five years and it is very useful in helping to identify the levels of good cholesterol, bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.