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During Phase 1 of the Surf Training Success Program you begin laying the necessary foundations for boosting your performance in the water, improving necessary surf movement patterns, and enhancing your althletic ability.  You will begin restoring or boosting your flexibility, while at the same time improving your body’s necessary joint stability, balance, and dynamic core strength.

You will also learn essential movement exercises to strengthen your body so that you’re able to keep and use your improved flexibility… without adequate joint stability and strength improvement, too much flexibility can in fact promote injury and keep you out of the water.

Phase 1 will teach you the most important “core exercises” and put a stop your out-dated and inefficient core exercise routines that really have no benefit to your surfing.  Discover how to properly train your core to make you more injury proof, put a stop to low-back aches, and lay the necessary foundations for true power training in later phases…. preparing your for faster and more powerful turns and stronger paddling.

 The purpose of this first phase of training is to introduce you to a revolutionary form of surf fitness training, begin to train the way the pros do, and lay the foundations of flexibility, strength, and core strength.

Phase 1 addresses what you’re not doing, and what other surf training programs miss out on.  Key areas of weakness plague most surfers and lead to injuries and aches that force you to sit on the beach and watch other surfers get shacked on those good swells.  Strengthen your body’s critically weak spots, get rid of tension and restricted mobility that lead to injury, and start getting fit, strong, and prepared to surf.

Phase 2 accelerates your training and builds full-body integrative strength.  Building upon the foundations from Phase 1, this phase develops dynamic surf-specific strength, while continuing to reinforce mobility where your body needs it to surf well and stay injury free.

Professionally developed exercise circuits so you can have the energy for those heavy days of paddling.  Exercise programs with highly specific exercise placement so you get the most out of your workouts, minimize the chance of injury, and put a stop to using the wrong types of training (which most surfers do, and actually makes you weaker and slower in the surf!)

Phase 2 teaches you more than 20 of the best full-body surf training exercises, and expertly integrates 4 of the best joint-specific mobility drills.

This method of training not only develops vastly superior strength that carries over to stronger surfing, but continues to improve flexibility and increases mobility in the areas that 90%  of surfers are tight and restricted… which can cause surf-ending injuries, severely limits your ability to move quickly, and prevents your body from being as strong and powerful as it could be…..  which equals worse surf sessions.

Phase 2 training develops rotational strength and core control for faster turns and stronger movements…