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"Former WNBA Strength Coach Reveals To You the Stair Exercise Training Secrets Guaranteed to Maximize Weight Loss, Reduce Joint Pain, Tighten and Tone Your Body and Get You into the Best Shape of Your Life!"

Now You Can Join the Inner Circle of Hollywood Celebrities and Elite Professional Athletes that have Benefited from these Exercises for Years!

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From the Desk of Virgil Aponte: Certified Personal Trainer, Coach and Physical Education Teacher


Hello there and thank you for visiting the Stair Exercises for Weight Loss and Fitness web site. You are about to get access to an extraordinary training tool that will help you reach your fitness, strength and health goals. Best of all using this training tool is absolutely free!

And with todays online technology you can be reading your ebook and viewing or downloading your Ultimate Stair Exercises Videos Online with in seconds after placing your order!

Using office building stairs, apartment building stairs, stadium stairs or any place that gives you access to stairs you can get incredible workouts to:

Easily Reduce Body Fat Achieve and Maintain your Ideal Bodyweight Eliminate or Reduce Joint Pain. Build Legs that look Amazing Build Buns of Steel Build strong and sleek Abdominals Build a strong and sleek Upper Body Increase your Strength Increase your Power Improve your Flexibility Improve your Balance & Coordination

I’ve used stair exercises for over 10 years to help condition myself, professional, college and high school athletes, company CEO’s, seniors, sedentary people, over weight people and many more.

I’m actually pretty amazed that someone else didn’t write a book or create videos on the tremendous value of stair exercises.

Here’s a quick list of Celebrities that use Stair Exercises to achieve their Fitness, Strength & Health Goals:

Jennifer Lopez: The Super Star singer and actress gets away with those barely there outfits thanks to intense routine of weights and cardio that includes her running up stairs with a weighted vest. No wonder she has the best body in Hollywood!

Tom Brokow: The NBC News Anchorman climbs the stairs at hotels for 15 minutes whenever he’s on the road. Yes, 15 minutes. Stairs are that efficient and effective. You can get a great workout in less than 15 minutes!

Alex Rodriguez: The New York Yankee Heart-Throb and All-Star third basemen gets up at 6AM in the off-season to runs stairs.

Tom Brady: The New England Patriot and Super Bowl MVP use stair sprints as part of his off-season workout regimen. All I can say if it’s good enough for a Super Bowl MVP it’s good enough for me. If you want an efficient way to improve your strength, power and conditioning then stair sprints are the answer!

Curtis Martin: The future hall of fame running back of the New York Jets travels to the…

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