Living With Type 2 Diabetes

Many people are diagnosed with [tag]type 2[/tag] diabetes every day. Diabetes has become one of the most common diseases to affect people in the world today. When a person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes they may feel overwhelmed and confused by the diagnosis. It is important for people who are diagnosed to understand that with some basic changes in life style and with careful monitoring living with the disease is completely achievable.

Getting Educated

The first thing a person with type 2 [tag]diabetes[/tag] should do is begin to get educated about the disease, its effects, complications and ways to control it. The physician should help the patient by beginning some basic teaching and be able to recommend further information resources. The person should speak with a registered dietician and with a certified diabetes educator to learn about the disease. People will need to learn many aspects of the disease and the best life style changes to make for their own circumstances. The type 2 diabetic can also subscribe to monthly magazines that are geared towards diabetes and its treatment.


Dietary Changes

The newly diagnosed diabetic will need to get diet counseling from a registered dietician. The dietician can help the type 2 diabetic to learn about the foods they eat and what changes can be made for the best benefit to their body. There are also several cook books and web sites that offer diabetic recipes that will enable a person to eat tasty and healthy meals. The dietary changes will need to be seriously addressed by the diabetic.

Monitoring Blood Sugars

The type 2 diabetic will need to acquire a glucometer so that they can monitor their blood sugar on a daily basis in their own home. There are many types of glucometers available on the market today that are very accurate as long as the person uses them correctly. Most insurance companies will provide a monitor with the initial diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. By closely monitoring their own blood sugar a person can easily see what types of food and activities are having the biggest impact and make changes accordingly.

Exercise For The Type 2 Diabetic

A great thing for any person and especially a type 2 diabetic to do is to establish some type of exercise program. Exercise has a direct affect on lowering the blood sugar levels. The exercise does not have to be highly complex or hard to do. The diabetic can simply start up a walking, swimming or biking regimen. Taking a walk around the neighborhood several times a week will be very beneficial.

Taking Medications

The type 2 diabetic will want to follow all the advice of their physician and take medications as they are prescribed. There are many great oral medications that work well to control diabetes with the use of dietary changes and exercise. For some people insulin injections will be the best way to control the disease. Type 2 diabetics need to take whatever medications are necessary in their individual case to control the blood sugars and maintain a high quality of life.






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