Fortius Fitness Affiliate Program

(Unlike most product vendors who only credit you with commissions for only 1 [ONE] product). This means when you refer John to buy just ONE (1) of our products, you also get credited when John buys our other products inside 60 days. And most customers buys multiple products because they work together in synergy. Why don’t we just give you a one-time or one-off commission so that we can take evil advantage of you by following up with your visitors to buy our other products but not credit you with the sale?

We want you to make HUGE commissions from our affiliate program. When you make huge commissions => You’ll be motivated to promote our products hard => We sell more products => Our profits increase.

This means returning customers = commissions to you. You should be proud promoting our products because they really do deliver value and make people’s lives easier. Feel confident and proud that you’re a part of the Fortius Fitness family.

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(although sending traffic directly to the salespages converts well, we have seen much better conversions by sending traffic to our FREE Complete Body Transformation Blueprint or our Facebook page. Yes, you can send your traffic to these pages through our advanced affiliate link creator and still get credited for all sales)

All you need to do to start earning your commissions today is to drive traffic and we will show how to do that even without a website.

PS. If you want to know more about me and Fortius Fitness before joining our affiliate program, you can go to my blog to find out more about me.

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