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My name is Scott York and as a fitness boot camp owner and operator, the biggest worry that I use to have was coming up with fresh ideas for my classes.

I mean how many push ups, sit ups and burpees can people do before they are bored out of their minds?


If you’re like me, you pride yourself on coming up with new workouts and not continually using the same old cookie cutter workouts from a year ago.

I used to stay up late at night racking my brain trying to come up with something new, something fresh that would get ME excited about the next day’s class.

Everyone is involved and everyone is moving at the same time (no standing around waiting for their turn which is a cardinal sin!)

They go to work, tell their friends and almost before I know it, I’ve got a couple of new clients who heard about my class!

“Dear Scott, I purchased your outdoor fitness games program Sept 09, I would like to Thank You the purchase was worth every cent. Yours sincerely,”

Using terms such as these and trying to explain them to a 45 – 60 minute boot camp class is pointless and boring.

On the other hand, if you are looking for FUN then you will find over 35 51 58 60 + games and workouts that you can immediately uncork on your clients!

Speaking of kids, when you were a kid did you concern yourself with “range of motion” or “postural distortions”?

Yes, we still use dumbbells, rings, medicine balls and other fitness equipment but now I mix things up with these fun filled games.

Down and dirty, Scott York does more than create a workout, he provides me with an ultimate goal – survival! The variety Scott provides in each fun, life relevant exercise, makes it possible to focus on the short-term victories that lead to the big one – finishing the workout.

I am stronger than I thought I could be and my body is rewarding me with shape that others notice. Most importantly, though, I notice!

Note – Purchase is made through ‘clickbank’ – product will be shown as CB-superfast-3

“Hey Scott…wanted to give ya a little update on the BONUS Fitness Boot Camp Joint Venture Letter.

First off, I tried really, really hard to take the letter & put  it all in my own words, but you had

did because I sent it out to a bunch of businesses,  apartment complexes, etc and I’ve had a

I can’t count how many times, I have been asked about this letter by other fitness professionals who heard about it on my interview with Jim Labadie!

What should you do if you are…

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