Complete Boot Camp Workout

3 Months of Unconventional, Done-For-You, and Proven Boot Camp Workouts to Increase Retention and Give You the Edge Over Your Competition.

ANNOUNCING: 3 MONTHS of ULTIMATE Boot Camp Workouts to bring more energy, more variety, and faster results to your camp!

Boot camps are the NEW proven fitness trend that is here to stay. People who join boot camps are there for great results, motivation, accountability, and to have fun. All personal trainers can benefit from running their own boot camp.

One of the biggest challenges trainers face is CONSTANTLY coming up with NEW, FRESH, and EFFECTIVE workouts to keep their boot campers coming back for more.


Our "Complete Boot Camp Workouts" will give you 3 MONTHS of out-of-the-box, creative, and results oriented boot camp workouts to save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

Hiring new instructors and teaching them to train the EXACT way you do, can be extremely tedious. Use our 3-month manual to leverage your time and energy. Give it to new instructors so they can take the guess work out of designing their own boot camp workouts.

Not only will these workouts save you time and get your campers excellent results, but they have the unlimited potential to grow the size of your camp. It is not unlikely to make over $150 per hour running a fitness bootcamp with the right tools.

Proven To Work These are PROVEN BOOT CAMP WORKOUTS…..we know, because WE USE THEM. We have transformed the lives of hundreds of people through our boot camps, and now YOU CAN GET THESE SAME RESULTS.

We have fine-tuned our program to get your clients the transforming results they are looking for while have a lot of fun in the process!

Your clients will drastically improve their body composition by following our Complete Boot Camp Workouts. Our high calorie burning workouts are designed to achieve maximum fat loss while improving muscle tone, stamina, endurance, strength, and flexibility! Your clients will see the great RESULTS and get the most out of YOUR boot camp. We only wish we had this available when we started our fitness camps!

Our program is SIMPLE TO USE….the workouts are organized in a 1-page format for you to print and take to boot camp with you.

Our Master Exercise List and Technique Manual will give you hundreds of ideas for new exercises and will educate you on exactly how to perform and explain them to your clients.

Forget spending hours each week planning out your boot camp workouts! Forget stressing out about what exercises you are going to use on your drive over to boot camp!

Our system gives you 3 MONTHS of boot camp workouts- saving you hours of planning and program design! Now you will have time to do what you want to be doing……marketing and building your boot camp!

Our workouts are built mostly around body-weight and functional training exercises to give…

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